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    Currently building a revamped model of the HMS Endeavour by Artesania Latina with over 200 changes to make it close as possible to the HMB ENDEAVOUR in Sydney. But with a few alterations to the replica.

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  4. Here is the boat .......her name is Captain Proud. I think she must be a diesel engine, not a steamer. havagooday Greg
  5. G'day cathead This is so fascinating! I never realized what went on inside a paddle steamer before. Here in Australia, I think there is only one paddle steamer, and it's still operating on the Murray River. I may be mistaken, but she's taking tourist up and down the river. havagooday Greg
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  7. You can count me in as well. Sounds like an interesting project. Good luck. Havagooday Greg
  8. G'day Les I have found that balsa glue is a good alrounder glue. It's even bind to lacquered surfaces and you can be clean the unwanted glued surface away using baby wipes when it's wet, if the gluing is a bit messy. Havagooday Greg
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