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  1. You are right Mike: Proxxon MF70, a good vice for our activity, mainly for the variable speed up to 20,000 rpm, a speed that a metal one cannot achieve at 3000 rpm To add a decent vice, the column had to be raised. 4 X 1 inch aluminium plates were added.
  2. The jig is needed no more. It did what it had to do: 200 notches. The idea was not to have to turn the handle of the milling machine because after a couple thousand turns of this small handle, it hurts the wrist.
  3. Mauricio you asked for it; 1st time trying this kind of thing DSCF2741.MOV
  4. Mike, I was thinking something in that direction, minimizing the planking, optimizing the framing. Druxey, spacing goes by groups of 3 with a reset at each group made possible. If both frames would add together with an equal spacer between each space it would be like a sandwich at the end with plus or minus the good length. The beauty of this assembly is that each spacer is part of the keel. For each group of 2 frames, it is possible to adjust the thickness of the spacer if necessary thus eliminating the effect of the cumulative addition. Also, extra care must be used for precise marking not with a ruler but I used a sheet of paper with 5 group of appropriate markings and after I divided each group (1 space, 2 frames).
  5. What would be the precision for this machine: 0,01 inch with wobbling?
  6. ''As a carpenter I would just like to point out how dangerous it is to try and cut very fine rips between the fence and blade." This is true on a 10 inch blade, this is not true on a small one. I did miles of thin plank with success. In french we say all the roads lead to Rome. There is often more than 1 way to do a job.
  7. L. H. Under the table, there is a large groove left side of the groove is the guide for 1 end and right side of the groove guide for the right end of the groove if I want to do the left limit the square guide rest on the left side of the groove if I want to do the right side the square rest on the right side of the groove I begin with the 2 limits then the middle is done freely
  8. Here is my latest jig. Until I saw it in my head’ I could not do it but I saw it so I did it. The problem : I have to do grooves at regular intervals. It is done in the idea as the gratings are done but with an additional difficulty the width is larger than the tool. 1- the guide fix the left and right limit of the groove 2- the guide for the spacing of the grooves 3- the table slides on the guide rail 1
  9. Rob, when I do miniature carving, I do not watch tv, because I really need to focus on the movement of the tool. Since I was very young, when I wanted to study, I turned tv on... like this, I controlled the sound I heard, and this way I did not hear other sound by other people. It is not all tasks which needs 100% of focus. I guess it is like the new thermostat for heating, it does not always heat at 100% to keep the temperature stable.
  10. dry fit of the keel next step assembly of frames on keel
  11. Bluenose 2, I can rip 1 mm pieces between the blade and the fence and I use a pushstick.
  12. Which method ives the best results; between the blade and the fence or to the left of the blade? Are there similarities with the feather board?
  13. Do you think that you will be able to do a better job with this measuring tool?
  14. Traveling on a straight surface yes, traveling on a curve, it is harder to be guided by both sides especially if the radius is changing but for a constant radius it could be a good thing.
  15. For about the tenth time since I built the table top I redone it, most of the time for different try for the color. Last week, I cut about 6 inches in the depth and today I straitghtened the top because there was some curves in it. I used a long ruler, a plane, a scraper, a sanding belt, an orbital sander. The result is good but up to today I was stuck with the idea that only a large belt sanding panel machine could do the job. Some time it is strange how we can limit ourself.