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  1. For the black wales, there are many solutions: Ebony, nothing matches the look and the feel of this wood but the extra fine dust penetrates everywhere. Leather dye India ink Saman water based wood stain black. Different results with the camera. On the picture, ebony and dye and ink
  2. Photo 1 : You can take decent pictures with macro lenses, by opening (F) to increase depth of field. Photo 2 Photo with small camera 1 by 2 inches : Life Cam by Microsoft
  3. IKEA probably have the best deals for it, hand crank or electric. I would buy this tool before many others because to have the work at the good height is a lot easier to work.
  4. My perception of 3D model ship changed with the years. Even if I am not able to draw 3D I have admiration for those who can do it. Here is what I would like to do if I knew how to do it. I would like to have the 3D model ship I am building actually in wood. I do not know if what I write is a stupid idea but here is how a 3D model could help me: Let's take an example: I am building a keel for the 74 guns. It is difficult to visualize how will the planking will touch the keel and in which angle. With access to the 3D model, it would be possible to visualize the keel as a finish product and rotate it as we wish to see details. I suppose I would need a program to open these files, but as an addition to the plans, I would love to buy such 3D plans.
  5. Both are right. A scalpel blade cannot be use for everything, it is mostly for small jobs, smaller than what you show. Metallurgy is not necessary on your side! A dull hard blade is worthless. I am only doing a comparison between scalpel and Exacto. The subject of Exacto comes back often on this forum. Many peoples prefer Exacto. I rarely use Exacto, I prefer scalpel blades because in comparison these are much sharper and I repeat sharper is easier to work.
  6. Vossiewulf, I do not agree with you. To make it simple an exacto blade is a a dull blade in comparison of a scalpel blade. I work a lot with scalpel blade because it easier to cut and less strength is required because it is sharper.
  7. Vossiewulf, « A replacement Xacto knife with changeable blades from Ron Hock that are Rc62 and can be made much sharper than Xacto blades » As sharp as scalpel blades? And there is no need to sharpen.
  8. It is true that the weight can affect the diameter of the rope but it is possible to optimize the weight to use. It is also possible to predict the rope diameter and it is also true that the rope machine used will affect the rope diameter. Knowing this, if I turn 2 different rope diameters, it will be possible to predict other values on an hyperbola curve for the same rope in different numbers of ropes.
  9. Thank you Denis to show us these inside photos. I love this kind of photos.
  10. That one you showed earlier is particularly nicely milled: thick from everywhere except where it counts!
  11. Hi Vossiewulf, I like what you showed us and it is a branch of tools I did not know. I am sure that there are still other tools of this branch which could be usefull to the modeler. Is is often more economical to buy 1good tool than to buy a lot of cheap tools.
  12. Thank you very much Vossiewulf for showing us these very nice tools. I just ordered one like this. CASTROVIEJO MICRO NEEDLE HOLDER "KREBS" German Steel
  13. a part of it is free
  14. What would be the precision for this machine: 0,01 inch with wobbling?