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  1. Jet or Dewalt scroll saw

    I also use a Hegner, free of vibration... It excels at cutting thick hardwood up to 1 inch in straight line and at exactly 90 degrees. It is also very good at cutting very thin slices of wood few millimeters thick. For jobs thinner than 3/32, it does a similar job as a less expensive saw.
  2. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    I guess every one manipulate the definition of kit or scratch building. Is there a definition? We buy, we make parts or both. If scratch building means extensive research, if I make the parts with 0 research but just follow a plan, does that mean I am not doing scratch building?
  3. Astrophotography

    Canon + Swaroski spotting scope
  4. If I remember well, it is similar as using oil for small lathe. light hydraulic oil iso 32 or lower the less additive the better it is
  5. Here is an example of bitumen used in the Fleuron build on this forum. It can be mixed with other products like bee wax etc. It dries very well... as long as you do not apply too thick coat.
  6. Pets

    Simone with his friend Titou, both Newfoudland
  7. Possible ebony substitute

    Myth or reality? Ebony does not glue well: myth, it does glue as well as any other wood. Every dust wood is bad for lungs with the years. One particularity of ebony dust, it is probably the finest dust, it is so fine it can inlays skin hand pores.
  8. My perception of 3D model ship changed with the years. Even if I am not able to draw 3D I have admiration for those who can do it. Here is what I would like to do if I knew how to do it. I would like to have the 3D model ship I am building actually in wood. I do not know if what I write is a stupid idea but here is how a 3D model could help me: Let's take an example: I am building a keel for the 74 guns. It is difficult to visualize how will the planking will touch the keel and in which angle. With access to the 3D model, it would be possible to visualize the keel as a finish product and rotate it as we wish to see details. I suppose I would need a program to open these files, but as an addition to the plans, I would love to buy such 3D plans.