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  1. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    Part 2 Searching the perfect knife When a new model ship builder begins, one of the first tool we buy is an Exacto which is the standard. Peoples get accustom to this tool and a great % prefer to work with the Exacto. Is there another step for the search of a better knife? Yes, it is possible to find a same style knife with a better handle and also with a better blade. To classify the blades, Exacto has a standard knife blade and the next step would be a razor blade. Swann Morton provides a good answer in both categories of the knife, the blade and the handle. The blade is much sharper, this means that less work and pressure are required to cut, so the advantage is that this tool can be control much more easily. This search of the knife is a multi layered adventure. Now that we get the blade, Swan Morton went another step ahead with the handle. Working hours with a small metal blade becomes painful for the hand. Handle 5A is covered with soft acrylic giving a greater comfortability to hold the tool. Is there a third step in that spiral? Is it possible to get a better handle and a better blade? Is there aspects which can be modify for a better version? The answer is yes to all these questions. These small medical blades are razor sharp. They are ideal for small works. But they have a major weakness; this tool is not made to resist in torsion and for this reason, the blade is very easy to break. The easy way to fix this problem is to add a strong spline to that blade. Of course that blade will be made in one part, we will not solder the spline to the Swan Morton blade. Now for the choice of the steel, how about a multi layered steel, as in the famous Japanese Katana saber: Damascus steel. The shape of the sharp edge will be straight , not in a curve way. Few words about the handle. I did demonstrate by building a 74 guns at 3 different scales that the bigger the piece that you hold, the more control you will have and a greater quality part will be resulting. The same principle applies here. So this means if we increase the size of the handle, this will result in much more control of the blade. With the parameters to guide us, let's find a knife with a comfortable handle in the hand with a good quality steel with razor sharp edges. The following part is not part 3 but part 1, sorry, I wrote it before. After few days of trials, I am very please with the results, the blade is as razor sharp as the scalpel blade and with more control. Finally, one last aspect. This knife is heavier than the scalpel and this additional weight is beneficial for the control of the tool. last photo: blade profile
  2. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    To build a model ship has in a way, similar procedures used in the industry: one of these is: INSPECTION. The first step is done by eye but when the ye is not able anymore to discern the imperfections, we need to magnify the details to better understand where further work will be required for a better result. The easiest way to concentrate on the model ship exclusively is to take photos. A camera is ruthless, she does not forgive mistakes and shows them. Sometime it is even difficult to accept the thuth in front of us. Actually I am sanding the arch of the model ship. When I do not see any more details to ''sand'', I take few photos which will easily reveal where the corrections are needed. Fortunately, a day will come where no more modifications will be require. I can still see some spots which need to refine the curves. That will be the next step.
  3. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    Hi Coq, I have difficulties to follow you: what is double raw image? Why do you have loss of data in Lightroom? Export in .jpg; you can also export: psd tiff dng and original file. Swann-Morton blades are sharp, in fact much sharper than Exacto blades and I guess that the sharper the blade the less strength needed and a cleaner job too.
  4. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    Hi Carl, I guess it is like a trio: I use without problem: Mac High Sierra 10.13. 6 with Photoshop' Creative Cloud 19.1.6 with Canon .CR2 files of around 40 Mo. The camera can also be activate Dual Pixel RAW boosting the image to 60 Mo. I think that the principle it is in the same family as what they do with tv picture when they boost from Hd to 4K. On you tube there is also 8K video and more, but there is a limit to what the human eye can see. Hi Heinrich der Seefahrer, 1/24 scale is still very far from 1/1 scale, each time scale decrease details decrease too, it is like a law of the Nature. I am not sure about your question: Am I afraid to forget a part in the hold? In fact, in every 1/24 built, I lost parts; sometimes parts are effectively unreachable or sometimes I drop a part and I do not see where it falls. Hi Bill, I guess you will like the framework for still a long time, because minimal planking will be fit, as it is now. Planking installed at the top of the frames looks like sufficient to hold the thousand parts together. The idea is to get some kind of open structure.
  5. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    Hi Carl, The program we chose is a bit like choosing a color, it is a personal preference. Basically, these programs do all the same thing. When you take photos, it is interesting to be able to bring some corrections to the photos.
  6. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    May be some peoples could be interested to see some programs for photos treatment:
  7. Michael, very nice; the model and the working room!
  8. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    5 posts pass through the taffrail. The angle for the piercing is determined by tracing the angle on a block set on the vice as seen on the second photo.
  9. Gaetan Bordeleau

    Virtual Reality Photography

    Montreal, Canada, this guy takes up to 200 camera to take a 360 degrees picture https://www.facebook.com/ericparephoto/videos/1725007900877813/
  10. For the lighting, technology is on our side. LED lights are performing at the top. As an example, at a garage sale, I bought a nice draftman lamp for $5. For the bulb, I paid around $30, some kinds of LED in a bulb. At $35, this lamp is performing much more than almost every other lamps I tried.
  11. Gaetan Bordeleau

    74 guns ship by Gaetan Bordeleau 1:24

    My last Experience: Focus Stacking When focus is done on an object, the focus is done at an exact distance. This depth of field is very limited especially with large opening like F4 by example. There is a way to increase that depth of field: in manual focus, take a photo, readjust focus 1 clic or 2 forward, take a photo and 4-5 times like this. In photoshop, you open these photos a pile and merge them in one photo. In the example, the result will show a greater depth of field than F22 could give.
  12. I looked others and actually it is the opposite for the metal ones... It is easier to mill a straight angle than a curved one. With the parallel clamps that I broke, it was never at the tip but on the side walls where the screw is passing. In wood, probably that the first one is stronger. I would begin by trying a stronger angle and if a thinner angle is needed, I would sand the tip as needed. The difference for both in strength is not so big, so at the end it can also be simply a preference visually.
  13. Hi Mike, I guess yo could say that the standard shape looks like the second one. I have metal ones exactly the same, I think it was from Lee Valley. Also I have boxwood ones similar and I broke 1 in 20 years.

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