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  1. "That is close enough for government work" "That is a high-class problem" (example: 'The Balance column in my check book is too narrow'. Fortunately I have not had this problem yet.)
  2. I have discovered my room looks much cleaner if I DON'T do the flashlight-on-the-floor trick. My wife respects my wishes to leave my room alone in her house cleaning hobby. I assured her I would keep it tidy. If she discovered how it looks under low-level flashlight illumination, she would probably rethink her position. I have always maintained that Dirt-Blindness is a gift given to men for when they are between wives. (I realize this sentence is rambling and pretty pointless, but it is early and I am still on my first cup of coffee).
  3. Argh!! It just happened to me again. I drop a small part onto the floor. It falls just a couple feet and I can hear it hit. Yet, I can never find it again. How far could it have possibly got?? Does it go to the same place as those missing socks from the dryer? I even resort to that trick of turning off the room lights and sweeping a flashlight horizontally across the floor. Sometimes this does work (the low level light serves to cast a long shadow from the part making it easier to spot). But even this trick doesn't work that often (plus I risk having my wife walk into the room and asking what I am doing, on my hands and knees in the dark with a flashlight).
  4. I hope these pictures are close up enough, I just have an iPad as a camera.
  5. Just FYI, the corsaro II called for using the smallest diameter wire for the hand rails (among other things). I found it pretty easy to work with (probably easier than the larger diameter). To secure it, I re-purposed some small brass sleeves from a previous model build, fed the end of the wire through them, then crimped them with needle nosed pliers. I added a drop of zap-a-gap for good measure, then clipped the excess off as close as I could with wire cutters. They seem pretty secure. I will likely look into this jewelers wire for the larger diameters (my wife is familiar with the topic). One advantage I can see with this instead of thread (assuming you can solve the other aspects of it's use), is that if used as a slack line, it would lie in a more natural curve than lose tied string. (hope that thought makes sense).
  6. I have a confession to make. I am afraid I was too ignorant to know if I have "twisted" or "braided" wire. The word "braided" popped into my head while posting the question, so that is what I went with. The (*cough*) instructions, simply called it "steel wire"
  7. Thanks Nils. I am off to google "paste-flux" and "soft-soldering".
  8. I hope this is the correct forum about this. The Corel Corsaro II comes with 3 sizes of steel braided lines. I have not worked with this material before. It is "springy" and wants to spring back if you try to fold it back on itself (like to tie off the ends). Also it appears the ends might want to unravel if not careful. Then too, I am uncertain how well it will "purchase" on a spar (i.e. not slide). Does anybody have suggestions for working with this material while rigging the model? Thanks.
  9. I celebrate the same way as when I am not done yet- a glass of brandy. Besides that; when I finish a model, I have a big "clean-up-the-%$#@#-mess" on my hobby table and swear I will never build another! Than a couple months go by before I start looking at model kits again.
  10. Working on deck structures for my Corsaro II (no build log).
  11. OK, thanks. I got the impression that if I didn't have a build log, I was not to post there. See item #3 in the initial post, where it says "Your update MUST include a link to your build log" Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Is there an appropriate place for folks to display a photo of their project- if they do not have a build log? Not being snarky (hopefully), I was thinking of placing a photo in the 'at a glance' discussion until I read this message and want to follow the rules.
  13. I think as long as there are new "Alum" of Lauck Street-- who either don't search all messages in this forum, or are new to the topic and just want to vent; this topic will crop up from time to time. It is only a "repeating theme" for those who have been here long enough for it to repeat on. To really prevent it, the admins would have to install some sort of message filter that prevents entering text like "Lauck Street".
  14. Well, as another "Alum" of Lauck Street Shipyard, I would like to echo Roger Pellett's post above: "no one has a solution that works for everyone". In my case, I could find very little about the unusual hull construction techniques use with the Duke William by G.K. Modellbau. His practicum on the model seemed like a good investment at the time.