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  1. I don't like any critter that has too many, or too few legs. The proper number is either 2 or 4. Though I have become less prone too squishing spiders as I get older. I have even been known to scooping them up with a piece of paper and depositing them outside. I would guess though, there is a maximum size over which, I would still freak out.
  2. Wow! almost 29,000 members...

    Well, the forum DOES have that cool sounding name. It sounds much more prestigious telling somebody you are a member of the "Nautical Research Guild", than something like "The Toy Boat Forum".
  3. Where do you come from

    Where did I come from? My brain keeps spewing out smart-alecky responses, probably because my history is really boring and I can't resist trying to enhance it. Anyway, I was born in International Falls, Minnesota (or Frostbite Falls of Bullwinkle fame). "Where Men are Men, and timberwolves are nervous" (the wolves, not the basketball players). My parents actually had a more interesting history. They met in a back-woods logging camp in the early 1900s where my dad was a lumberjack and my mom a cook (and guitar player). My dad always said "Daylight in the swamp" when he got me up and I only recently googled the origin of that phrase (it has to do with lumber camps). I wish I could have known them when they were young and carefree (before they morphed into dear-old Mom and Dad).