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  1. Working on deck structures for my Corsaro II (no build log).
  2. Got up at 4:15 AM to discover the thermostat was running the furnace to heat the house to daytime temperature. It was not supposed to do that until 5 AM. I discovered the thermostat thought it was 5:15 AM (you see what is coming?). Muttering under my breath, I attempted to correct the time on the thermostat. It would not let me, and said I had to do that through my web browser (thermostat is wi-fi connected). I got on my computer and discovered the computer thought it was 5:15 AM too! At first I wondered how both devices could be having the same problem (I had not had any coffee yet). I finally thought to google 'daylight saving time' and found it started this morning. Time is really getting away from me now that I am suddenly 'old'. I would have guessed there were a couple months yet before we did the stupid daylight saving time trick. I hate daylight savings time..
  3. OK, thanks. I got the impression that if I didn't have a build log, I was not to post there. See item #3 in the initial post, where it says "Your update MUST include a link to your build log" Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Is there an appropriate place for folks to display a photo of their project- if they do not have a build log? Not being snarky (hopefully), I was thinking of placing a photo in the 'at a glance' discussion until I read this message and want to follow the rules.
  5. I think as long as there are new "Alum" of Lauck Street-- who either don't search all messages in this forum, or are new to the topic and just want to vent; this topic will crop up from time to time. It is only a "repeating theme" for those who have been here long enough for it to repeat on. To really prevent it, the admins would have to install some sort of message filter that prevents entering text like "Lauck Street".
  6. Well, as another "Alum" of Lauck Street Shipyard, I would like to echo Roger Pellett's post above: "no one has a solution that works for everyone". In my case, I could find very little about the unusual hull construction techniques use with the Duke William by G.K. Modellbau. His practicum on the model seemed like a good investment at the time.
  7. Search on for Woody Joe, I just did and got 20 pages of hits. At least some were ship kits though there are lots of pagodas and such. Be careful of the prices though. I bought one from amazon in the U.S. and paid too much, it would have been cheaper to order directly from
  8. Went to the movies a couple days ago to see "The Founder". The ticket person casually announced "One senior discount ticket for The Founder". That is the first time that has happened to me, it was like the first time I bought booze, and was not asked for my ID card; except with the reverse emotion. It was kind-of depressing. They usually asked something like "are you a senior?" At least then I can say something snarky like "Senior to what?" The only consolation I had, was that the ticket person was no spring chicken herself.
  9. Just a helpful reminder, to guide you back to this forum, once you remember what you were going to discuss.
  10. Thanks Scott. Curiously, I never got a reply to my email. Perhaps I sent it to the wrong address, I sent it to Fortunately, my anxiety was relieved by folks in this forum.
  11. Great, thanks guys. I guess I should have called rather than e-mail them.
  12. I woke up this morning to discover several e-mail messages from Model Expo. They are the same e-mails I received months ago regarding a ship model and supplies I purchased. I received and paid for this stuff long ago (the model is half built), so am assuming (hoping) this is some sort of glitch on their part, and I will not be getting a second kit (as well as being billed for it). Has anybody else received similar "ghost" e-mail from Model Expo? I sent them an inquiry this morning, but thought I would ask here as well. A similar incident happened to me once before, so I am reasonably confident I won't getting any surprises on my credit card bill.
  13. I used some years ago, I think I still have a few laying around. At least your photo looks like the same thing. I think I just screwed them into the bulkhead- assuming it is thick enough to take them. The problem I had was that the clamping part was some sort of soft metal that did not stand up very long before they were bent back (looking more like the 'plastic clamp' in the left had picture of your post). Eventually, they broke (after being straightened out a few times). Can you tell if the metal ones look like they are made of a more sturdy metal? SKip