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  1. That's great Steve, hope all goes well, this should be a very pleasant build. Len
  2. Jack, welcome aboard, should start populating this log by end of the week.
  3. That's great Wacko, I hope you enjoy the ride, shout up if you got any thoughts. Len
  4. Hi Ken, I think I am fairly versed in the history of the Picket Boat, one thing you may be able to advise me on is, the year it was built? or was it a new build specifically for the Albemarle assult? I've been looking forward to this build, hpe you can stick around for it. Len
  5. Hi, this is my 3rd model. I will not be starting this till the end of the week, I have to clean up the bench from my last build the Chaperon. Hoping you can find something of interest if you do follow along, looking forward to being in touch soon. All the best Len.
  6. Thx Ken, she was indeed worked hard, and she has coal spilt in the boiler room!
  7. Thx Em, I already have the plans swapped out on the walls for the next kit, studying up right now.
  8. Hi Cathead, thx for the comments and night pics will be posted for sure, I have something on tonight I forgot about so will do it tomorrow. Len
  9. !!!!!!!!ALMOST FINISHED!!!!!!!! At least as far as I plan to take it right now. I need some cargo which I'll pick up along the way and a bit of touching up here and there, but I have run out of bits and the next build is already drawing me in. I have to add the cones to the stacks and mount the rudders, will definitely be done today. One interesting point:- Not bad entertainment for 74 days at a cost of $2.20 US a day, ( I benefitted from the 2 for 1 deal that MS ran back in October, they credited my account $99. I will edit the title to reflect the finished status later today, add additional pics, notes and credits etc. Message for Mike, except where it leaks, this ship is 100% watertight! So there! Blighty.
  10. Thx Jack, the tissue idea is commonally known I think, but it is delightfully easy to do. Here is the Youtube item I followed if you or anyone else needs it.