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  1. Well I’m really beginning to wonder if I’m supposed to complete these builds. The clear coats on the Mustang have dried and it is a severe case of FLA... so the polishing has started with 600 as opposed to the 3600 I’d normally start with. not at all sure why, it’s the normal Krylon I have used for years, never seen orange peel like this before...ARRRG
  2. Thanks for the votes of confidence, I had coated these with the liquid decal film but it didn’t make a difference
  3. An update, of sorts...while waiting for the clear on the Mustang to dry I decided to test the new decals...bad news...they broke up on contact with the model, this truly sucks...I think I'm gonna airbrush the main strips on and try to salvage the sponsor and lettering decals...this has ceased being a diversion and become a fight to the bitter end...the decals will not vanquish me These Funnys shall be completed
  4. I can well imagine...probably as bad as having teenagers on your insurance!
  5. Touch Ups are complete (sorry no pics)...may get the clear coat on tomorrow, then just a few steps to the big finale
  6. I don't have any trains stowed away...but I'll follow along anyway
  7. Hi CD...its a home brew...mixed some kelly green, gold and silver, all Testors gloss enamels...the replacement decals from Slixx arrived in today's mail so I'll be starting round two of that battle soon
  8. Ya no biggie...I should have thought to check, with all the damage to the front end it's only logical the the rear would be twisted as well... been jumping back and forth today between the Mustang decals and the Vega chassis...also fired the airbrush up earlier and shot the tins, the original elephant's were an anodized green aluminum... to simulate that I mixed some kelly green, gold and silver, all Testors gloss enamels, results are below I don't think they're to bad, if anything a little light...may hit them with a coat of gloss to deepen the finish a little
  9. You bet...think I've turned the corner with this one The roof decals were the worst ever but the rest of the markings laid down like you expect Slixx to react Pretty happy with the light blue match...the ampersand is a decal You can see some of the areas for touch up in this shot Here's a shot of the darker blue paint mix...I think it's pretty close
  10. More chassis work, I decided to test fit the chassis...glad I did, though the axles aligned with the wheel wells the body mounting points were way off... I'm assuming there was damage there as well as to the front clip, so off they came...new ones are scratched and will be mounted and pinned once the glue sets Thanks for all the likes

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