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  1. I can second Clare's recommendation for Glass crafters, purchased from them many times though primarily for glass work, you can also get foil in different thicknesses and well as widths.
  2. Ship paintings

    Love the F-4s...wrenched on J, B, and N models "back in the day" nice work
  3. Ship paintings

    Well I for one think you should...these are exceptional
  4. Pets

    ...not bad Carl...if only the fleas would stop biting
  5. Pets

    This is Tanz..,she's a Jack Russel/ Shar Pei mix, best shelter rescue ever, and the Admiral's #1
  6. IMG_3303.JPG

    Very nice over all, really turned out nice, great job
  7. 82

    Thanks Wlell
  8. 75 Bow

    Thank you Michael
  9. 83

    Thanks Chuck...couldn't have done it without you...lol
  10. 85

    Thanks much Nils
  11. Pics of my completed longboat build