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  1. Interested to see how it turns out
  2. well summer is upon us again (you may have noticed there have been no updates for awhile) and the shipyard is closed again for the season, I'll pick it back up when I return, for now I've been lazing around the campground all season, catching up on my reading and enjoying retirement, I decided to pull the plug last month...so far so good...more to come in the fall THX
  3. Thanks for all the likes, another small update...got the masts permanently mounted and the ship itself mounted to the base, also got the running rigging tightened up and run to the belaying pins for now everything is just looped off and held with a drop of ca, I'll create some loops to simulate additional line and slip it over pins...still have to work up the shrouds and stays, slow but sure
  4. Thx for all the likes...got the pre-rigging of the main mast done all the lines are loose until the mast are secured to the deck thats it for now...thanks for looking in
  5. Thank you sir..."Fragile... Must be Italian." and here I thought she was American it has taken a while, a lot of starts and stops to keep from going bug nuts with the little stuff. THX to all for the likes and comments...nothing else coming this week away again for the weekend
  6. Thanks much Wayne...there are plenty of glitches, the key is to photograph from the right distance Thanks to all for the likes, attached are the pics mentioned yesterday going to work on the main mast, then its back to the shrouds, and back stays, and bowsprit and etc....
  7. Not much to add still working the masts...getting as much of the rigging done off the hull as I can...hope to have pics tomorrow
  8. Thanks for all the likes and the kind comments, a small update...after reviewing my last post I noticed I didn't include a pic of the clothespin I described... also got the main spar mounted on the foremast
  9. An update...started the ratline on the foremast once the first line was in place I used a little fixture based on an idea presented in this thread https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/14818-rat-line-tension-tool/ its nothing more then a flipped mini cloths pin with the spring slot filed to allow the jaws to have a closer tolerance when closed, worked fairly well... ...but the spacing was a bit too wide, so I went back and filled in the spaces well that's it for now the other side is half complete... thanks for looking in THX J
  10. Hey Steve, so basswood for the bulkheads...I can't wait to see your chose for planking

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