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  1. Hello friends, numeros broken frames (Thicknes 3,0 mm) and also a lot of curse and curses arranged me the model in the graduation 1:36 (Frame thicknes 4,0 mm ) as a cross section model with inside removal to build. However only half of the ship with a lenght of 760,0 mm. Regards Karl (Sorry, Google Tranlator) Part 1
  2. Hello Gaetan. Top!!! Karl
  3. Hi Chris. I am already looking forward to the pictures of the construction of a beautiful ship. Karl
  4. Hello Gaetan, why again the same ship type? Good luck with the construction of the model. Karl
  5. Hi Cabrapente, nice work. Karl
  6. Hello Alexander. Fantastic work. Karl
  7. Hello friends. Construction error on my part to the main frames IV ( 27 Bow ) to IX ( 69 Stern ) These frames have only one floor. These following picturs show the correction on the main frames. Karl Teil 4
  8. The pictures at the beginning show a computer animations of a Russia artist. ( www. ) Thanks to all for kind comments and likes. Karl
  9. Hello Gaetan. Beautiful work. Karl
  10. Hello friends. Main frames. Karl Part 3
  11. Hello friends. Manufacture and construction of the first frames of a total of eighty-five. Thickness 2x3 mm Karl Part 2