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  1. Unrelated, but did Model Shipways really call the Bluenose a New York Pilot Boat of 1868 on the box like that?
  2. Revenge by drobinson02199

    David, beautiful work on your Revenge, congratulations! Clare
  3. A.Jorden, I've bought several sizes of copper foil tape from glasscrafters here: http://www.glasscrafters.biz/CTGY/foil Get the exact size you need for your scale, uncoated. Clare
  4. Why doesn't the NRG post the new conference info on thenrg.org as soon as it's available? It's the natural place to go to look for the info.
  5. Hi Ed, Lloyd retired from the line and block business... I want to say it was early last year (?). I really liked his blocks and still have a small supply of them, which should finish up some models projects I have. Sad to see his products go. But, as Tom points out, you will not be disappointed with Chuck's stuff. Beautiful quality stuff at reasonable pricing. Easy to purchase. Clare
  6. 15-foot Hozugawa Ayubune

    Kind of blurry, but I ended up adding nails, which were just short pieces of straight pins with the end file flat and blacked with Caswell's stainless steel blackening gel. Unfortunately, the wood is so soft that it's hard to insert the short pins without them simply flipping sideways and messing up the pre-drilled holes. But, I the planking I used was a little too narrow and I didn't want to risk the nails poking out the side.
  7. 15-foot Hozugawa Ayubune

    This is actually one of the most recent photos of the model. I decided to go back in and put in nail heads. I THINK they turned out okay. I don't know if people will notice that they're just rectangular pieces of black paper.
  8. 15-foot Hozugawa Ayubune

    No, it's scratch built. This is my second Japanese traditional boat that I completed from scratch. The first is my 1/20-scale Gifu Tabune, a rice field boat. I have two more Japanese boat scratch projects to finish up, but this Hozugawa boat seemed like it would be a good learning experience and relatively quick, so I took time out to work on it instead. Thanks, Clare
  9. This is a model of a 15-foot net fishing boat that was used on the Hozu river, northwest of Kyōto, Japan. The model is based on measurements recorded by boatbuilder Douglas Brooks, who built 3 of these boats over the past few years. Today, 24-foot fiberglass versions of the boat take tourists along the river's scenic rapids. This model is built at a scale of 1:10 using Japanese cedar, or sugi. It is my second completed scratch built Japanese traditional boat, or wasen.
  10. Box art is only useful for selling kits when the customer can see the it directly, which means that the kit has to be in a physical shop for it to make any difference. I doubt Artesania spends much at all in advertising, it doesn't have to. They have a proven track record, their kits are relatively easy to build, they look nice when completed (even if scale accuracy and detail isn't so great), and they are manufactured at a price point where they can be sold through distribution channels. They, Constructo, Dumas, and until recently, Midwest, were the only wooden ship model kits sold through the major US distribution channels. So, that's what you'll find in hobby shops in the US. Artesania Latina also doesn't sell direct and undercut the distribution channels and hobby shops either, unlike some other manufacturers, so the shops can trust that when they invest in these kits, they won't be in competition with the very manufacturer who's products they carry. Of course, that manufacturing price point that makes them good for the distributors also makes them less expensive for the hobby shop customers. They are more likely to spend $150 for a kit they can look at on the shelf than a nicer $250 kit they know nothing about. Funny thing is that because this makes the kits predominant in the hobby sellers' shops and in catalogs, that serves as its own advertising. Even Ages of Sail, which carries almost every brand there is, gets more orders for Artesania Latina kits than the others.
  11. bottle ship 2.jpg

    I would say your first attempt is a resounding success – well done!
  12. Chuck, don't assume for a second that I don't do this already. Just because I'm asking that people be rational about our discourse doesn't mean in any way that I'm endorsing those products.
  13. Hey everyone, I saw these too, but one thing that happens here that I don't like, is putting down all products sold from China and calling them pirated or junk. Chucks blocks are great. They are great quality and they are a better deal. But, calling Chinese blocks "pirated" is simply silly. Blocks are blocks, folks. How do you pirate them? Are you saying they've taken a bunch of Chucks blocks and made copies of each one? Let's try to be rational about the whole piracy issue, otherwise we only serve to drive people away from MSW and the NRG and fuel negative comments from ship modelers on other sites.
  14. New Member from Sunny Southern California.

    Hi Ruben, Have you looked into the Ship Modelers' Association that meets in Fullerton? I don't think they're terribly far from you and there's a lot of great talent there. I recommend making one of their meetings. I maintain a membership with the group, but I live in Northern California, so I've never made one of their meetings. Together with this site, I think you'll get lots of good help and inspiration on on your ship model project. You can find their website at http://shipmodelersassociation.org. Clare
  15. Don't know why I kept calling you Mark, maybe because you posted a note to Mark at the end of one of your posts and I wasn't paying attention and thought it was your signature(?). Anyway, yeah, I heard back on my query to Emilio Marletti. I believe he's the president of the company. Apparently the PE sheets for the ME version of the kit were laid out completely differently. It's not that the parts were different, but he has to figure out which parts you mean exactly, so he knows which sheet or sheets you need. Things get re-engineered for efficient production, so it's quite possible hooks are on a sheet that's also used for other kits now. I was trying to figure a way to show him the right parts, but it sounds like you already took care of it. I'm sure he'll figure it out from there.