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  1. Box art is only useful for selling kits when the customer can see the it directly, which means that the kit has to be in a physical shop for it to make any difference. I doubt Artesania spends much at all in advertising, it doesn't have to. They have a proven track record, their kits are relatively easy to build, they look nice when completed (even if scale accuracy and detail isn't so great), and they are manufactured at a price point where they can be sold through distribution channels. They, Constructo, Dumas, and until recently, Midwest, were the only wooden ship model kits sold through the major US distribution channels. So, that's what you'll find in hobby shops in the US. Artesania Latina also doesn't sell direct and undercut the distribution channels and hobby shops either, unlike some other manufacturers, so the shops can trust that when they invest in these kits, they won't be in competition with the very manufacturer who's products they carry. Of course, that manufacturing price point that makes them good for the distributors also makes them less expensive for the hobby shop customers. They are more likely to spend $150 for a kit they can look at on the shelf than a nicer $250 kit they know nothing about. Funny thing is that because this makes the kits predominant in the hobby sellers' shops and in catalogs, that serves as its own advertising. Even Ages of Sail, which carries almost every brand there is, gets more orders for Artesania Latina kits than the others.
  2. bottle ship 2.jpg

    I would say your first attempt is a resounding success – well done!
  3. Chuck, don't assume for a second that I don't do this already. Just because I'm asking that people be rational about our discourse doesn't mean in any way that I'm endorsing those products.
  4. Hey everyone, I saw these too, but one thing that happens here that I don't like, is putting down all products sold from China and calling them pirated or junk. Chucks blocks are great. They are great quality and they are a better deal. But, calling Chinese blocks "pirated" is simply silly. Blocks are blocks, folks. How do you pirate them? Are you saying they've taken a bunch of Chucks blocks and made copies of each one? Let's try to be rational about the whole piracy issue, otherwise we only serve to drive people away from MSW and the NRG and fuel negative comments from ship modelers on other sites.
  5. Bob, I always liked that book. It's a bit small to provide all that much instruction, but about 100 times more instruction than what you used to get from yellow-boxed kits themselves, making them almost a necessity. I've got a copy for myself and keep an extra copy around to give to new ship modelers.
  6. New Member from Sunny Southern California.

    Hi Ruben, Have you looked into the Ship Modelers' Association that meets in Fullerton? I don't think they're terribly far from you and there's a lot of great talent there. I recommend making one of their meetings. I maintain a membership with the group, but I live in Northern California, so I've never made one of their meetings. Together with this site, I think you'll get lots of good help and inspiration on on your ship model project. You can find their website at http://shipmodelersassociation.org. Clare
  7. Don't know why I kept calling you Mark, maybe because you posted a note to Mark at the end of one of your posts and I wasn't paying attention and thought it was your signature(?). Anyway, yeah, I heard back on my query to Emilio Marletti. I believe he's the president of the company. Apparently the PE sheets for the ME version of the kit were laid out completely differently. It's not that the parts were different, but he has to figure out which parts you mean exactly, so he knows which sheet or sheets you need. Things get re-engineered for efficient production, so it's quite possible hooks are on a sheet that's also used for other kits now. I was trying to figure a way to show him the right parts, but it sounds like you already took care of it. I'm sure he'll figure it out from there.
  8. Stbd Qtr.jpg

    "Hey There..." Very nice build.
  9. The numbers make it look like some kind of competition. If the numbers are incorrect, and if no one cares, then what's the point of having the numbers at all?
  10. Artesania Latina Swift pilot boat 1805 1:50

    Ah, yes, the Swift was my third ship model kit build. My first two were Phantom and USRC Dallas. By the time I built the Swift, I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing and planked the deck with some nice poplar strips. Actually, it was a nicely done model of the Swift that was on display in a local hobby shop that pulled me deep into wooden ship modeling. To me, at that time, it was like a museum piece. That's a good find. I think you'll enjoy the build.
  11. Mark, I just got a verification from someone who handles Amati's social media that the offices are closed until the beginning of September, though he said someone might be there a few days earlier. So, it might be a while before you can get any help on this. I did send a message to them about the PE sheet. But, it will probably go unread until then.
  12. Hi Mark, Problem may be that a lot of Italian companies close for an extended Summer holiday in July and August. I'll look into it.
  13. New iMac Frustrations

    Jim, I feel for you, truly. I'm an independent Mac constultant. In the past, I was always pretty supportive of the evolution of the Mac and the OS. In the past few years, it's just been aggravating for most people, including myself. Since I'm "in the industry", I pay pretty close attention to what works and what stops working every time there's a new OS or new hardware, so it doesn't affect me as much as others. Most people don't actually use their DVD drives, but enough do. Personally, I think the most important aspect of its form factor is that it's an all-in-one, and most of the desk space it takes up is the depth of the foot and the space needed for the keyboard and mouse/trackpad. The idea that it needs to be thinner, is ludicrous. Who cares if the edge is an inch thick or a 1/4" thick. They are both thicker in the center. And now, no DVD and no SD card reader, no importing or burning CDs. I usually only buy my hardware second-hand, spec'ed out so I still have all the ports, etc. But, most people don't know what they're losing when they upgrade. And, I hate Carbonite for the very reason you mention. I always insist that my clients have a physical backup drive. They occasionally fail, but the odds are, they'll be function when the computer dies or needs to be replaced. Backup data is still just too big to restore over the Internet. Actually, having both is the best, if you don't mind the extra cost. I feel for you, and am sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having. Hope you manage to work things out.
  14. Le Cerf

    Hi Kurt, Sounds like you've got it pretty well covered. The clinker planking is already laser cut and I doubt that you'll find it difficult at all. I built Shipyard's HMS Alert paper model, which had clinker planks pre-designed in a similar fashion and found it to be quite easy. Much easier, in fact, than carvel-built planking. The Le Cerf monograph is great, I have a copy myself, but it just makes me want to try to scratch build the thing! I love how the deck in the Dusek kit is already laser cut for you in pear wood so that the planks follow the curve of the hull. Not only does it simplify a difficult to build feature, it makes short work of the deck planking too. I suspect that between the laser-cut deck, and laser-cut clinker planking, you will find this to be a very quick build.
  15. Hi Mich, you know Amati's a sponsor of MSW, so you can just click on their banner on the front page and go to "Where we are" under their Contacts tab, that has the phone and email. But, you said you contacted their distributor here and didn't get a positive response, do you mean Ages of Sail? And what wasn't a positive response? I help out Ages of Sail with various things, so I can ask about it. Normally they can order the entire PE set as a special order, but obviously, you just need the missing sheet. The only issue I see might be if the sheets have changed. Usually, things can be special ordered, but it can take a really long time. I'll ask about this.