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  1. 1:70 Hannah - Ship Model Okumoto

    Hi James. Thanks for posting these reviews. These look like very nice kits, and it was very nice of them to send you kits to review for free. But, I'm a bit surprised to see your comment that none of the kits have cant frames, when I clearly see cant frames in the plan top-view and in some of the model images. Am I mis-reading something? Clare
  2. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    Forunately, it's supposed to be a fairly easy build, and I'll bet you can figure out the instructions with just the Google Translate app. For the benefit of others, here's a photo of this kit from the box art, in case you don't know anything about this kit. It's a 1/72-scale model of a boat that was buried along with various treasures of King Khufu (Cheops). Here's a photo of the kit built by Don Dressel of the SMA, Fullerton, posted with his permission... This is a really nice looking kit and Don said he really enjoyed building it. You can find it easily through the Japanese online hobby dealer Zootoyz.jp. Okay, now I'm jealous Mark. I want to build this kit too! Clare
  3. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    Hi Mark, Congrats on jumping in on that kit. I think you'll really like it. I did hear back from the Khufu ship builder I mentioned, and he commented that he really enjoyed the kit. He had some problems understanding the Japanese instructions until he found a translator app for his iPad. I have Google Translate on my iPhone and that seems to work pretty well too. He's planning on bringing it to the NRG conference this Fall. That doesn't help you any, but I did get a photo from him. I didn't get his permission to post it, but I can PM a copy to you so you can see a built model for yourself. Best Regards, Clare
  4. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    Hi Mark, I have not, but have been thinking about it. I know someone in the SMA club down in Southern California who started one last year. I'll ask him about it. It looks like a very interesting model and if you buy from the new Zootoyz site for wooden kits, Morikawa-san has a sale going on there that ends in 4 days, on 6/24. Well, that is, the sale prices are good through the end of the 24th. They're a day ahead of us, so maybe make that 6/23! By the way, it's my understanding that he just created an MSW account, so maybe he'll start chiming in direction on the Woody Joe stuff! Clare
  5. help with choosing my next build

    Ow, my ears are burning... Kevin, 1/72-scale is not a standard ship modeling scale. Besides the Caldercraft Victory and Amati's Vanguard, the only other ship model kits in this scale I am aware of are either Dusek kits or the laser-cut paper kits from Shipyard. The Kanrin Maru kit that Chris mentioned is actually 1/75-scale. Two Woody Joe kits that are 1/72-scale are late Edo period coastal transports, the Higaki Kaisen and the Kitamae-bune. They also have a nice model of the Khufu ship (Egyptian "sun" boat) in 1/72. If you don't find something out of those kits (though I may have missed something, of course), I think you're going to have to scratch build. Clare
  6. Quechemarin

    Beautifully done Javier – a real jewel of a model! Clare
  7. Interesting new model ship company

    Ah, of course. La Couronne is French for "The Crown". Better than "The Clone" – we've seen enough of that in the ship model manufacturing world...
  8. Interesting new model ship company

    Very cool to see a new company do something so ambitious. Like Woody Joe kits, they look like their aimed not specifically at ship modelers per se, but at those who like ship models and always thought it would be nice to build one. Also, the comment about La Clone being a mistranslation is correct. I looked at the Japanese spelling ラクローン, which sounds like Ra Ku-Rō-N (La Ku-Lō-N). Closest Google Translate can get is La Clone. Endeavor listed as 240 hour construction time. That's pretty darned quick.
  9. Unknown Model Company

    Yeah, I don't think quality has changed that much. Overall, I think development costs for kits are pretty high. I don't know how much Matthew Betts got for the use of his drawings and research on HMS Terror, but I doubt that it was anything close to the cost of developing the kit design from scratch. NDC is doing their own development work and then paying Turk Model for the production work, so I wonder if they're making much money. The primary draw of these kits are the subject matter, as I think all the Nordic Class Boats kits are of currently existing vessels. Those interested might be a little more forgiving about dealing with various design issues, as they can add or fix-up details based on the real boats. At least, that's my theory. Clare
  10. Amati Swedish Gunboat, 1777

    Recently completed model based on a small, inexpensive kit from Amati. Roughly 1:48 scale, this model was part of a "Group Build" where 5 ship modelers all worked on their own kit and met to discuss issues and solutions. Partly, this was an attempt to get beginning ship modelers more involved. Mine is the second one completed by the group. I built this kit mostly out of the box, though I did use rigging line from Syren Ship Model Company. Still, I couldn't help myself and made a few minor modifications based on information found on the Internet, including a photo of a Swedish museum model. It was a fun and simple project for the most part, and it only takes up a very small amount of shelf space!
  11. DSCN2747

    Beautiful work and at that scale, that's some very fine detail. Well done!
  12. I agree that Tom Cunliffe's book covers the topic very well. I always felt that the shape of Ronnberg's pilot yawl didn't seem right to me. There are several photos of them in Cunliffe's book. If I recall correctly, there are also some small plans for them in the book. They are interesting boats. When I built my model of the Mary Taylor based roughly on BlueJacket's plans, I scratch built the pilot yawls. It wasn't difficult. If I recall correctly, I just use the plans in Cunliffe's book. Here are some pics... Clare
  13. Unrelated, but did Model Shipways really call the Bluenose a New York Pilot Boat of 1868 on the box like that?
  14. Revenge by drobinson02199

    David, beautiful work on your Revenge, congratulations! Clare

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