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  1. A nice ship she is, good luck with the build sir!
  2. That looks pretty awsome! Pls, scrape the deck instead of sanding. If you do sand the deck, pls not Miyagi style in circles, but with the grain in long strokes. The black of the caulcing will cause a light grey effect on your deck, due sanddust and pressure. It’s what you like best for a endresult. If you are not sure, glue some planks onto a scrap piece and test it before doing it onto your ship. good luck my friend! 👍🏻
  3. I like your solution of the chainplates on the hull much better than WJ suggests. So, time to bring on the lady and set sail to open water! It's a realy nice ship she is....very elegant indeed!
  4. Take it with you for your next ship, like Mark said, move on it looks fine mate!
  5. Please take the lady with the big hat with you... 😎
  6. 22 then...Happy Birthday my friend! A nice update and I really like the idea of the curved planking on the forecastle's bulkhead! Well done!!!
  7. **It's a fiddling process...** Hello mates! In my previous update I started with the first ratlines on the shrouds and with this update I continue this process, but I didn't had a lot of spare time to work on the SM. However, it's enough to write this small update. All the knots which are made with the ratline are called a "clove hitch". For the ends of the ratlines, it was custom to spliche the rope and loop it around the first and last shrouds. I tried this technique and this was a serious undertaking. I then tried an alternative way by making a clove hitch and then loop the endpiece of the ratline around the shroud again. Then I use my wrapping technique, which is a sort of whipping, to fasten the rope. In the end it was still a lot of fiddling work, but it was easier to do and the result looked similair. Ofcourse it's much easier to glue the clove hitch at the first and last schrouds end that will be the end of it, but why would I choose the easy way out right? So, after the test of the end parts, I continue with the ratlines... I shoot the process how I make a clove hitch knot... And we continue the process until I reach the top! Phew...I made it....Now I had to finish the end pieces of the ratlines by the process I explained earlier....So a few hours later..... And the endresult... This ship has only two shrouds with ratlines, I pity those....no I respect those fellows and galls who's building a Man o War or a frigate! My dear what a work will that be... It's the end of this update again....Next is the other side that has to be done on the exact same way. Wish me luck okay? See ya! Peter
  8. Like Wallace Said, your build is very very neat, clean and done with dedication. I like the way you work a lot! regards, peter
  9. Keep going, you are doing a great job for your first model ship! The metal in the kit is an alloy called pewter. It’s like 90% tin and some other metals like zink, copper. It’s cheap and easy to cast for the fabricator. They will be painted over in a later stadium, so it doesn’t matter what material they are made from. regards, Peter
  10. It’s like almost if you build this ship before...😉 great work sir! 👍🏻
  11. I’m only looking at the beautifull lady with the big hat! 😬
  12. Thank you for all the kind words Guys. You, reactions means a lot and makes me a bit humble. respect to you guys! Peter
  13. Yes, first I make the running lines of a light colour and standing rigging dark. It was common in the past to do it that way. Second, I like the contrast between the dark and the light.
  14. *rigging continues - shrouds* Hello my friends, A small update where I continue on the rigging and especially the rigging of the shrouds. So, be gentle with the comments....it's my first time working on shrouds like this... So deadeyes and lanyards continues. Everything is thightend after some 48+ hrs. Found a small wooden project to do....this is the last woodworking on this ship... Never been so fast writing an update lol....until next time! Peter
  15. You are doing a wonderful job Max! Don’t be sad, be happy!

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