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  1. **The little things matter...** Hello shipmates! Good to see you again... Thank you for all the positive feedback, reactions and cheers from you guys. I really appriciate it! Today the update is all about the "little things" on a ship. Things that matter because they compliment the ship and thus gives the overall apperance a boost. I'll start with the little boat that should be placed on deck somewhere. The kitmaker AL provides a cast metal one which isn't to bad. AL suggests to paint the hull of the boat. I decided to plank the hull with walnut veneer. I used CA gel glue to stick the wood to the metal. It's not the best glue for the job, but it worked. the other side as well.. Both sides finished... Aft, stem and keelson's turn... ...and the endresult! Time to move on to do some work on the windlass... I have stained the parts into a walnut colour... The axel of the windlass didn't fit, so I reduced the diameter of the axel. *A poor man's lathe...* Next, I'll started on the capstan. I did not want to use the brass roundbar included in the kit for the handles. So I decided to use toothpicks instead. The toothpicks are a bit out of scale. I have no lathe and the parts are to small for a lathe anyway....so I used my cordless powerdrill to be a lathe for a moment...It's all about useing your tools to the max I think! I used two sanding blocks to reduce the diameter to the required 1,5mm, while the drill was on. After giving it some colour... I used a pin vice to drill the holes in the capstan... And then all the parts together... Finished for this weekend. Time to go, see you next time and thanks for watching! Peter
  2. Beautiful ship she is! Very wel done. I noticed difference in colour of the hull and the planks between the Wales, these are much lighter. Is that the same wood (walnut) or did you use woodstains? great build! Peter
  3. Nice bow shape Sir. Looking great with all the extra bulkheads. That's a fine base for the planking proces!
  4. Beautifull ship and you did a awsome job on the planking part! Don’t mind the speed, the sharpness and cleannes of your work is only what’s important. When your model is finished,, that is what other people will notice, not the speed of the build. Keep following along the way sir, if you don’t mind...
  5. This is a very nice kit. You can see the quality of the wood and the other parts like the cannons, anchors and metalparts are allready black! I will follow this build and this is a kit on my wishlist! good luck sir! Peter
  6. Railings are as straight as an arrow! Good job!
  7. very clean work Sir! Excellent job so far. I'll keep following along the way if you don't mind.
  8. I like the solid stem pieces from Walnut. With a Jigsaw you will get them out in no time! When bending thicker walnut pieces, try to use boiling water diluted with ammonia. Just don’t do it in the house, the ammonia smell is overwhelming and may “upset” misses Nikbud.
  9. I’ll drink to that... The kit of Amati is better quality, but wasn’t availible at the time I wanted to start with my build, so I ended up with another AL kit. I’m sure you’ll succeed building a beautifull ship if you decide to do the AL version. Many thanks for the compliments!
  10. Just keep the overview sir....we are just gasping for air and amazed what you show us.
  11. Build me a boat to sail on my dreams! This one is a magnificant ship. Great work Cyprian, love the colourscheme. keep building, I’ll keep dreaming.
  12. Thank you Sir! Channels, I'll remember the name. Thank you for that as wel. I agree with you there about pins and nails on a model on this scale. Whatever you do, they almost always look out of scale to me. In this case these nails represents some kind of big nails or bolts and do look fine on this model. So I took a gamble and hopefully paid off a bit! regards, Peter

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