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  1. Hello, The translation of "bowsprit" in French is "mât de beaupré". "Bâton de foc" could be translated in "jibboom". GD
  2. Hello, It is a bit more complicated. It's a big three-masted longboat but, especially, this boat is armed with a cannon which makes it its specificity to fight the pirates. GD
  3. Hello, Here is the translation that I think almost correct, I have not translated words written in Greek. Mxxxx: Belou, Greek, vulgar, ( unknown origin perhaps of the Persian-Turkish "belous" noun and adjective meaning cunning or deceitful. In Xxx made for the police of the sea and intended to surprise the pirates, the term cunning would suit perfectly.) Name of a ship that differs little from a gunboat. It is about 50 (french) feet long and 10 wide. Its mature is composed of three masts with a single piece and a log. Their sails are sails to the third, like those of luggers, longboats, etc. It have eight or ten oars on each side. its armament consists of a piece of gun placed on the front in the direction of the log between two knighthead named Mxxx which serve as a gunport. The plank of the belou extends towards the rear so that it forms a wing on each side, this wing is called Txxx. The Mxxxx is no longer in use. GD