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  1. Hello and Happy new year! Where could I buy the kit? Any email address or website ... Thank you.
  2. An excellent work. Always, in my opinion, the small boats give great results.
  3. As a lover of the cardboard I will follow with much interest your thread. I like the sailships, those of ShipYard and the kits of Shipworks which in my opinion are the best. But for fun I've assembled a kit Dom bumagi, the soviet torpedo boat class D-3 and I found it very good quality. So far good job with your Borodino, I like.
  4. Hi Slog, I like the sailboats (from ShipYard and ShipWorks) and this is a peculiarity and the first kit of Dom Bumagi for me. I found this particularly well; A comparative with others a solid role, good colors and smooth.
  5. Thanks robin. Here is the link for those who want to see the process. http://artmodelism.ro/forum/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=1081
  6. Hi Slog and I'm glad that you like it. The scale is 1/100 and is a kit from Dom Bumagi.
  7. I would like to present my last job in cardboard, the soviet torpedo boat D-3 class. I hope you like it.
  8. Un trabajo excelente. Al final con tu permiso me gustaría intentar hacer un modelo. Gracias por compartir y estoy en la espera de tus avances. An excellent job. At the end with your permission I would try to do a model. Thanks for sharing and I am waiting for your progress.
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