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  1. I take back what I said last post about the "many ladders". There would not be that many under the bridge deck; I now think many of these "boxes" are skylights elevated above the deck in case water is sloshing around, that can be propped open for ventilation. Would be nice to tour one of the museum ships and find out! Latest update is that I finally made some brass yard trusses. Given my poor soldering results in the past, I tried two new steps in the process: washed the brass parts in vinegar then rinsed in water, and applied flux where they join before soldering. Also touched onl
  2. Hello gak They're actually hatches with portholes for skylights. There must be a mass of ladders under the bridge deck! Here's a shot of some on the "Passat":
  3. Hello, I believe the galley chimneys could be rotated by the crew to point them downwind. That's why you see many models on MSW with handles on the chimney, like "ears". Keep up the great work!
  4. A few new photos. Here are some painted ladder handrails, made of micro brass tube. Here is one of the capstans in its new paint scheme. I wanted to paint a circle on top of the head; tried using a hole punch to put a hole in Tamiya tape to mask a circle but punch was too dull and the tape always tore. It belonged to my mom and maybe her mom too. So then I thought maybe I could use a letter "o" from my adhesive vinyl lettering I used for the gold stern lettering but the letter "o" 's were elliptical not round. But I noticed two different circle sizes were provide
  5. I have a lot of fond memories as a child of playing hide and seek with my brother on HMCS Haida, the last surviving Tribal destroyer which was then (late sixties) moored as a museum ship on the Toronto waterfront. They also had a Lancaster on a pedestal nearby; we used to pester mom and dad to take us down there and bring sandwiches for a picnic. Haven't seen Haida for years, since she was moved to Hamilton harbour for some reason.
  6. Nice model! Don't quite get why a block is needed at sternpost when brace blocks are on the yardarm pendants. Since the fixed ends are at the sternpost, if you don't like the hole why not just frap a rope around a few turns like you have done, and its two ends become the two braces? Just another idea.......... 🙂
  7. Dave, Love your model, she's looking really good! Just thought I would show what I did about serving rope - made a serving machine from my old meccano which I have held onto for 50 years but my modern kids were never interested 😞. Just needed to buy brass tubing of the correct "meccano diameter" for the hollow shaft. Works well albeit a bit creaky when cranking 🙂
  8. Roger, gak, and Popeye, thank you for your positive comments on the build; it's always nice to receive some. No more pictures yet, but I managed to pry the capstans off the decks and am repainting them somewhat like those on Passat but in a simpler form. I cut the bars off most of them and painted red dots where they would insert (tiny squares too hard to paint). I didn't remove the anchor capstan because of the thread already rigged on it but maybe I will change it too, we'll see. The ladder handrails are made but not painted white yet.
  9. Love your weathered deck! And the molded detail on this kit is incredible especially given its size. I agree with Backer regarding the gun ports. Will enjoy watching you paint all the statuary; good luck!
  10. Thanks Roger and "gak". I wondered about those bars. Wouldn't want to be washed into one ribs-first by a wave! I wish I'd done more of a paint job on the capstan bodies; at the time I was following Heller's "everything is drab gunmetal grey" instructions. I guess they were the first things I painted. On the other hand, without them the uninitiated viewer will wonder what all the big grey lumps are. I'll have to decide what to do. In the meantime I received revision 2.0 of the 3D-printed ladders from my brother. He sent forty (!) of them, perhaps in case I want to make Passat and Pa
  11. That explains it. I thought the wood itself contained occasional dark patches. Some sort of tropical wood. Second planking looks very good!
  12. Hi First planking looks good. Which wood species is that? Also, do you find your aluminum miter box wears on your saw's teeth?
  13. Yes, that's a beautiful Connie! I love his sea and crew. I would have made the sails slightly less stained. I made this kit as a teenager and I just scrapped it recently after finishing the Heller Victory which supplanted the Connie in my affections. I'd love to make it again knowing what I now know as opposed to what I knew in the 80's, but there are too may other things I'd like to do. I did paint and fit my replacement stern railing from glow2be. I've also been busy painting and attaching the stanchions strips along the storm gangways. Why Heller didn't mold full railings like t
  14. I don't like the thermoplastic sails that came in the kit, and never having made cloth or silkspan sails I think trying to make 43 is too much. Plus with sails I'd feel obligated to rig all the buntlines etc and at this scale with these tiny blips of belaying pins that's too much for me to face! I have other stuff to do once this ship is finished 🙂 . I'm planning to just tie any lines that come down the masts to the pinrails around the rail as opposed to trying to belay on the pins and hide the cheating with rope coils. By my count there are 126 buntlines on this ship. I'd rather j
  15. This comment made me think of Sheldon's "Fun With Flags" blog on "The Big Bang Theory". What a great show that was.
  16. Interesting wire, but even the "fine" grade at ten thou is a bit heavy for ratlines at 1:150 scale. I believe Blue Ensign employed fine wire in his "French 74" build. Might end up going that route.
  17. Wow! I was not expecting so many replies so quickly. I figured wire rope wouldn't reach belaying pins to be handled. So in the case of my braces grey thread will run from the winch through the yardarm pendant block then become tan thread to go to deck level, perhaps in a whip. We're just coming out of lockdown again so I'll be able to shop for thread, finally. Thank you to all for your replies. What a great forum!
  18. I have a query about wire rope employed on big steel windjammers vs (I'll call it) ordinary rope. Would the crew ever handle wire rope manually? Would wire rope ever be belayed to a pin? I ask because, for example, lower brace lines led (at least on non-British ships) from a deck-mounted Jarvis winch through leading blocks to the yard's brace block on its pendant, then back down through bulwark-mounted sister blocks to be tied off at a pin to enable fine tweaking of each yard's brace by hand; albeit pretty rarely I would assume. Was this brace line shackled to plain rope somewhere
  19. Hello! I think you have your work cut out for you! Extending the beakhead, building up the stern, making all the figures we now know she was adorned with, etc. It looks like you planked your deck; I just left it with the inked planking as supplied 😞 . I will enjoy watching your progress. Now to figure out how to "follow" you! I too tried to build this model as a teen in the 70's but didn't get as far as adding wales or cutting gunports. I do remember the lump in the hull; I didn't know about fairing either. Your planking is much better than mine was. I pai
  20. HAHAHAHA!!!! I think I remember the year you mean, which was before they changed from Victoria weekend to a weekend in mid-late June. My last time was the weekend with 43C humidex on Saturday. It was so bad OBC had to charter a bus to take exhausted people back on Sunday. Sometimes it was delightful cycling, sometimes not. 🙂
  21. Very nice job, Bill!! I can't believe how quickly you finished this build. You had said before you were planning to build the Heller Victory, case it, and display it to the left of your man-o-war. Is the plan still the same? Where will you display the Mayflower? At the rate you go, you could cover the wall with ships 😉 I'm late to this party I know but I was very interested in your first post to see the kit deadeyes which had the three holes AND a groove around their periphery. There must be some new molding technology to allow this. You'll find the deadeyes supplied i
  22. Dear "rookie": Thanks bro. For those unaware, "Rideau Lakes" is an annual double-century Ottawa-Kingston-Ottawa cycle ride with overnight in Queen's University residences on Saturday night organized by the Ottawa Bike Club. I rode it quite a few consecutive years between the mid 80's and mid 90's with bro joining me a couple of times.
  23. I had an old M-class RC yacht from the 80's I hadn't sailed in decades. I decided to buy a modern RC set and try it at the cottage. To my utter shock it sank stern first, fortunately near enough to shore for me to snorkel down and find it. Turned out that the chunk of balsa, of all woods, that the teenage me glued in to support the rudder tube finally detached from the inside of the hull and water poured in. To make a long story short, I did a major refit since I needed to cut the aft deck to access the rudder tube. The idea was to change from a utilitarian rectangular hatch just abaft the kee
  24. Wayne: Thank you for your comments! With the Passat you will not have to make all those rigging screws as that kit includes some reportedly sturdy ones. Miki: Thanks for the great photo which I have not seen!!! I must look for more books. Nils: Appreciated, especially given your many builds I have admired! George K: Thanks for your kind appraisal. No, I have no intention of using a jig for shrouds. I will rig them properly the same as I did for Victory after reading everyones' panning of that supplied jig. That said, because of the way the masts assemble
  25. A quick note to say I managed to add the safety netting. It is not yet stitched on or trimmed because I have no jib boom guys as yet. I broke off the bobstays at the stem and pulled the martingale off the bowsprit, in order to pass the inner bobstay and martingale through the netting before reattaching. The martingale broke so I made a new one. Only four inches of 0.6mm brass tube left, now. To make it easier I simply glued the bow end of the netting under some gratings I had made for the purpose after seeing the photos of "Passat" I refenced in an earlier post. Here is a photo against a black
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