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  1. Bumping this one up. Do not hesitate to make me an offer. The lot will go, one way or another , before me moving to my new house mid-september. Hubert
  2. Well guys, the donated kits are gone ! That was the easy part 😆 , even with shipping costs to cross the world ! Don’t hesitate to ask me questions or make me an offre for the other kits Hubert
  3. Yes, thanks for the reminder. It went without saying for me, but it is always better to repeat it 🙂 ... I got some PMs already. Thanks for watching. Hubert
  4. Hello all, As the building of my new house progresses and the prospects of moving there get nearer (this is hopefully my -2 or -1 house move, the next ones being to the crematorium with maybe a intermediate stop to the elderly home), I have to decide whether I will move all of the stash with me. The honest answer is no, because I will certainly not build everything I have. So I am selling some plastic ship kits. Shipping is extra, at cost, from Portugal to anywhere in the world. I will try to minimise the parcel weight without compromising the content, but you all know that postage costs can now kill a seemingly good deal. Payment is via Paypal, or, for European buyers, alternatively via SEPA banks transfer if you prefer. I will check the content before sending the kit and asking for final payment. If the content is not complete, I will not sell the kit. Therefore, I don't believe a return is a viable proposition. Some kits are really old, and the box shows it. Do not expect to buy collector-pristine boxes. I always believed (how self-delusional can one be ?) I would build all of them, and never had a collector's approach to these. I am open to (reasonable) counter-offers and grouped deals, but no trade. This is to free some space after all 😉. 1) Merit (Hobby-Boss) 1/200 Mikasa 1905. Sold I have a duplicate of this one, having subsequently bought the 1902 version, which I am keener on owing to the color scheme. Asking price : € 100 2) Revell 1/96 USS Kearsage. An old, and I believe OOP kit. The box top, in typical Revell fashion has taken some beating, but content OK. Asking price : € 60 3) Hasegawa 1/350 "Soya" Antartic Research vessel. Asking € 40 4) Eastern Express 1/350 Borodino . € 30 5) Zvesda 1/350 Cruiser Varyag. € 15 6) Otaki 1/36 (?) "Miss Tahiti" Ketch : € 30 7) Revell 1/160 Steam paddle-steamer "Goethe" : € 25. Box typical flap opening flimsy carboard, so battered just by looking at it 😐 8- ICM 1/350 "Grosser Kurfürst" WWI Battlewagon : € 20 9) Heller 1/600 Queen Mary 2: € 20 10) Glencoe 1/400 (approx) USS United States: € 40 11) Revell 1/350 SMS Emden : € 10 12) Revell SS Oriana (rare OOP liner ship). Scale approx 1/500. € 20 13) Lee 1/500 SS Brazil (ex-Revell molds). € 20. Instruction sheet is a photocopy of original, which was missing in my box. 14) Airfix 1/600 liners. € 10 each: * SS Canberra * RMS Queen Elzabeth II * RMS Queen Elizabeth 15) Airfix 1/160 (?) Great Western steam and sails liner . € 20 16) Revell ship kits. € 10 each* 1/350 Hawaian Pilot cargoship * 1/380 N/S Savannah * 1/400 Oil Tanker "Glasgow" * 1/471 Hospital ship "Hope" * USS Burton Island ice breaker 17) Revell 1/570 Queen Mary. € 15 18) IMEX Cargo ships. € 15 each * 1/400 MS Nedloyd Bharain * 1/450 Cargoliner Trinidad 19) 2 very rare ITC kits ship . Boxes old and worn. Don't expect collector-pristine condition, but nice kits kits when built * "ATLANTIC" 3-masted schooner. Charlie Barr's Atlantic-crossing record holder for 70 years. Asking € 40 * "Corsair II" steam yacht. JP Morgan's famous 1930 yacht/commuter. Asking € 20 20) Pyro "Blockade Runner" mixed propulsion. € 15 This is a 1/96 scale (I believe, but not too sure) kit of the famous Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane. Box shows the age of the kit. 21) Revell 1/125 "Calypso" research vessel. € 30 The kit was later renamed "research vessel" without the "Calypso" name, owing to a licensing conflict with the Cousteau foundation. 22) Giving free to a good home, but shipping on top. Gone ! * Imai 1/350 tall sailing vessels : Mircea, Nippon Maru, Juan Sebastian de Elcano, Cutty Sark * Lindberg Russian Missile tracking fishing trawler. About 1/140 scale, model of a North Atlatic fishing trawler. Box sound but grease-stained * Lindberg Motorized shrimp boat (1/60 ?) Please don't hesitate to ask me questions and contact me. Hubert
  5. Amazing work on a very handsome-looking ship 👍 ! Hubert
  6. I pressed the « like » button only in your last post, but it’s just laziness from my part, because all your posts deserve the « like » ... Impressive woodworking and metalsmith talent ! I am in awe ! Absolutely love everything you have done so far. Keep it coming ! Hunert
  7. Locked down here in Portugal as well (and btw, they are talking of putting back into use an old law that punishes hoarding of 6 months in prison - fortunately, the Portuguese people are civvic, compliant to rules, and disciplined for most of them, which cannot necessarily be said of some expats living in the country). In fairness, I am very concerned about my business in France, which I had to lock-down as well. We changed and resumed our operations after a few days, because we still had customers to serve, some of them companies providing vital supplies, but basically the business is down 80+ %. Very worrying for the future, as I have 9 employees depending on this business, not to mention the shareholder - me - who does not get unemployment benefits if things come to the worst ... Anyway, although I realise the issue of young kids is old memory for the vast majority of the members, a few seconds of a light-hearted wink : Take care all. Hubert
  8. I have been away for a couple of weeks (focusing on other projects like having a house built, until everything - including my own company - came to a grinding halt), but the feast for the eyes (well, mine at least, as I can imagine some of the strain on yours sometimes ) on returning is always so great ! Picking up my jaw, my chair, the popcorn and waiting for more Hubert
  9. Beautiful work on a handsome-looking ship 👍 ! Hubert
  10. Impressive work. I am going to sound a dissenting voice, but I like the picture of Jupiter better. It would contribute to make the whole set-up more realistic, IMHO. Hubert
  11. What to say other than I am in absolute awe of your machining skills and ingenuity ? Excellent work seems a bit lame for a compliment. Hubert
  12. Another amazing build and fantastic detailing. Love what you have done with this one ! Hubert
  13. Yes, but which one is it really ? The first one, or the second you bought because you could not find the first, or the third because both the first and second of the same had disappeared 😉 ? That the one who has not multiples of the same tool throws the first nail at me 😁 ... Hubert
  14. My workbench (used essentially for 1/32 plastic aircraft models) used to shrink to the usual free one-square-foot. I have invested in Hobbyzone (hoobyzone.pl) modules, and my modelling life was changed. Now, part of the discipline in modelling is to end up any session (admittedly not as frequent as I could wish) with a cleaning and putting back tools in their right place. It makes modelling so much more enjoyable, especially when you start every time with a clean (and orderly) bench . Hubert
  15. You’ve been away from MSW for some time, Doris, but certainly not idle ! Wow ! What a return ! Tremendous progress, and always so beautiful ! I am sorry I cannot contribute more to your thread with more than praise, but your talent is way above my own modelling skills 🙂 Hubert
  16. If it was ever possible, you keep besting yourself ! You certainly did with these gratings 👍 ! Hubert
  17. Wow, Doris ! I had been totally impressed by your Royal Sovereign seen on a paper modelling forum, but this one promises to be even more jaw-droppingly good. Your talent is simply out-of-this-world. Hubert
  18. In my eyes, the J-class is still the epitome of racing yachts, and you have rendered true justice to this classic among the classics. She looks sleek, beautiful, racy, even sexy ... A master achievement you can be proud of. If I may venture a small criticism, the cradle you have chosen, whilst justified for stability reasons, looks a bit « heavy » and spoils a little the fantastic lines of the hull. A fantastic result nevertheless. Well done ! Hubert
  19. Impressive work evidenced throughout this thread, and even more impressive finished result. VERY well done 👍 Hubert

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