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  1. Jo, you're not dumb at all. Heck, I just figured out the difference between a yard and a yard arm!! The Yard is the whole thing, the Yard Arm is the part that extends past the cleats! (I think...)!! All along I thought they were the same. Its a learning curve and you learn by doing and asking questions.

     You are doing fine, relax and enjoy the ride.


  2. Hey all!

    I have a day off and some time to venture about here as well as get a bit of build time in. Over the last couple of months i have had some time to finish my Fore Yard as well as get started with the Fore Top and Fore T'Gallent yards. Current status below. I am not 100% satisfied with teh footropes and Lanyards? Slings? that support them. They are kind of misshapen. If I cant straighten them out I will have to re-do them.


    I believe the center portion of the yards were supposed to be 16 squared, I am finding it exceedingly difficult to 8 square stock at this size, I stopped there.


    I originally built the Stuns'l hardware completely from brass but the banding that mounts to the yard looked to thick even at 1/64" so I made those from the foil that caps wiskey and wine bottles. It worked well, but I need to prep/prime them better in the future, some of the paint peeled off and required a repaint. I suspect a more thorough cleaning with alcohal and maybe a brushing of vinegar to slightly etch the foil will work better. Thoughts anybody?


    That's all the news that is fit to print. Best guess is November before I get back on a more regular build schedule. (Murphy, you stay in your corner!!)







  3. Mark, good to see you building again. Looks good to my eye.

    In regards to OC suggestion about coating the delicate parts with CA, what about thinned epoxy? You would have more working time and use fewer brushes. Something like West Systems is already thin and I have thinned it down in the past. It is however expensive if this is the only thing you would be using it for. I have tried this with the 5 minute epoxies from the LHS, doesnt work as well, it cures but stays somewhat flexible.


  4. Jo,

    Getting caught up. Your doing great, build looks good to me.

    Johnothan, dont stress about how log it takes or what it looks like. When members see what you have done they can very gently give you tips on the next build. AS far as how long it takes, I am in my 10th year on my enterprise. It will get finished, one day. Hopefully before the glue deteriorates!



  5. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for replying. It is hard to describe in public what we are trying to do with out breaking my Non Disclosure agreement - we build theme park attractions and this client is very strict about intellectual property. The closest I can come, is imagine something with very fine detail like trace portions of a very detailed circuit board encased in a clear resin. Like a circuit board but not, no FRP core. What I am seeing on some of the WWII ships here is in line with what we are looking for. We only have to deliver one item but would have ended up having several etched as there is more to the end product than I have given here. I started here as I thought someone here might be more interested in the process and a small order as well as helping out a fellow ship modeler with a couple of bucks.


    As it has turned out, the guy who does our water jet cutting has a line on a laser cutter, we are having the parts laser cut as I type this.


    Thanks again,



  6. Jo,

    Sorry, nope not back yet. We have two parade floats due in 6 weeks I have popped in to MSW to check on a couple of ongoing PM conversations but other than that I am really out of the loop MSW-wise.

    I have done a small aount of work on the Enterprise, working on the Fore Yard. I finished up tying the blocks on last night. I will try to get a picture up in the next couple of days.

    See ya!


  7. Hi Jim,

    Great start - even if it was many years ago. I am currently building the Enterprise myself. I started back in 2010 and work on her has my work load permits. The new version instruction are not much better than what you described the old are like, I have thrown mine in a drawer somewhere. There are several completed builds of the new kit here, do a search in this forum. You should be able to get a feel for what the instructions say from those builds.

    I am currently on a crazy work schedule at the moment but I do check in every few of days on a couple of PM conversations I have going. If you run into trouble shoot me a PM and I will help where I can but it may be a few days before I respond.

    Link to my build below.



  8. I have placed this same query in the traders and dealers part of MSW also.

    I am in somewhat urgent need of some photo etching. My N.D. prevents me from giving too many details in public but think of a small circuit board encased in a clear material. the size will be under 4x5". I see Daffi has an etching company but he is out of the U.S. and just getting them here in time may be problematic.

    Does anyone know of a photo etching place that will take on a small rush job?

    Thanks for any help,


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