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  1. Thanks Jeff. I have access to a wide format printer at work. I had to go in Monday to check on roof leaks so was able to get them printed on some butcher paper for starters. Waiting for the bosses approval and an excuse to go back in (we are not considered an "essential" business) then I'll print on something more durable. We have some white vinyl that might work or I'll run it through the laminator. First things first, have to convince Better half we have a place to put this once it's complete. I may have to scale down to 1/72. That will be a disappointment.



  2. Lets call this my "soft opening" of my build for the Winchelsea. I have another build to finish so it will be a few weeks before I break ground officially. There is also going to be some ...... discussion.....with Better Half about the size of this build. 😀  I like the 1/4" scale as it is close enough to the Enterprise build one will get a comparison. That being said, since I want to build this rigged rather than Admiralty, there is a possibility I will be scaling down to 1/72. Time will tell, I am not concerned about it at the moment.

    One question, I saw somewhere and I do not recall where. What is the sheet size for the plans? 36 x something I seem to recall. I will be going in to my work next week to print the plans up. We have a wide format 72" printer available as well as a 72" plotter both have a feature that will let me cut templates as needed. I think all I will have to do is print at 100% and check the scale, but I dont run the printer and the guy who normally would is permanently unavailable you might say.

    Until then, everybody stay healthy and I will see you here soon.



  3. I am looking for some guidance/advise for a possible sail plan for my Enterprise build. I am finally, after 10+ years, getting to the point I can think about sails.

    What would some likely sail usages be for a moderate wind no more than say 45º off either side of the stern? Am I making sense? I dont want to put all the sails up, most will be furled, I amt hinking two or three.

    Any ideas?



  4. 1 hour ago, rlb said:

    Sam, yes the iron gall mixture reacts to the tannin in the Quebracho bark extract, and to a lesser extent in the wood itself.  Both parts are watery, so they leach into the wood fibers, which causes the stain to bleed or "creep".   The masking doesn't seem to help much.



    So if you brushed a very thin coat of clear over both the bare wood and the masking at the same time that might stop the bleed. I am a fan of shellac, maybe a 1/2 pound or one pound cut in this instance.


  5. Thanks everyone and to all who hit the Like button.

    Carl, agree, its not quite as bad as the picture makes it look, the angle I shot from exaggerates it, but it is a bit short. Then again, I could always put the taller hands on that side.....


    Mark, I did something similar, rather than white glue I used artist matte medium. The thing I am really struggling with at the moment is getting the horses to hang straight for some reason.

    My Fore Top Yard is better, but still some flaws. Like Carl said, I have plenty of time to re-re-redo things, however what I dont have is rope to keep re-doing and finish without making another purchase.


    Dennis, It has calmed down here a bit, might get crazy again come the weekend. We will be ok, Better Half is still working, for the moment. She works at a school that teaches cinematic makeup, prosthetics etc. They closed the classrooms and sent all the teachers home Monday but there is a skeleton crew holding the fort down till at least the end of the week. We will be fine; I was watching what was going on in China way back in early Feb. and started buying some extra shelf stable goods, a little bit each week just to be ahead of the freakout if/when it came. Glad I did, on Saturday when I went into my local neighborhood grocery store for fresh produce and meat for the week there was a feeding frenzy going on. It was two hours before I got out with just a basic purchase of meats, fruits and veggies. Oh, and for some reason I felt the need to buy a 5 pound package of American style Swiss Cheese.....! Not even the real thing. 😂😂 Fortunately almost everybody was being pretty stoic about the whole thing, extra polite, very little cutting/pushing/shoving. However, there was one guy, every time I got anywhere near him he was ranting about how this is all this political figures' fault. Broken record, he was worse than me complaining about not being able to work on my build!😂  Other than that, we have a saving account and an earthquake kit, we wont starve.

    Now, does anybody know where I can get a years supply of toilet paper???? And, who wants a grilled cheese sandwich with me???


    Current progress on the Fore Top Yard. You can see what I mean about the Horses not hanging straight. I clipped a alligator clip to the ring adn painted it with matte meduim but they still want to go screwy on me.

    I need to spend some more time with PS Elements, apparently there is no way to write custom actions, sub-optimal. I have to go poking around my old PS folders and find my actions and transfer them over.





  6. Well, this virus is causing all kinds of havoc. My work closed yesterday for at least two weeks. I am expecting it to be more like two months. The two theme parks that provide the bulk of our business are both closed and since all of our current contract are onsite we can't work. Probably better that we are all home with family and staying away from others for a bit. The up side is I get time to work on my build again!!

    I spent today redoing the foot ropes on my Fore Yard as well as working on the Fore Top yard. The first round of foot rope came out all wonky and I have been staring at them for the last year whenever I was in the office.

    They are better now, not great but better. I also inadvertently upgraded my MAC OS to the latest version. The downside to that was I lost Photoshop, IView Pro and a couple of other programs. I found through the forums here that PS Elements was available as a non subscription download. (I really HATE subscriptions/cloud based software) So I also spent some time playing with that. Time will tell if it will be a replacement to PS or not. I dont need much. The same forum topic has some other options I can try also, we shall see.

    Below are a few picture of the "progress."







    Not outstanding, but better. I will sleep on them and see how I feel about them in the morning.


  7. Ron,

    Its coming along.

    Regarding the bleed, refresh my memory, does the blackening react to the wood tannin in some way? If not could you do something like our scenic painters do? They will mask an area and then shoot a light coat of comparable clear over the area to be painted as well as the masking, then lay in their color. would that be an option for you  to stop the bleeding.

    EDIT - I see you tried something like that. Missed it in my first read of your post. Although it appear you cleared up to the masking, maybe a bit of clear over the mask would help.



  8. 21 hours ago, mtaylor said:

    walked back to my hooch in my underwear, carrying my rifle, and .45 in the holster.  Now that I think about it... no one talked to me as left the hanger, they just kind of backed away. 

    Good Lord Mark,that is a visual I really didnt need. But I did need the laugh,thanks. I wont post it here for obvious reasons if you choose to look it up, but for some disturbing reason that old Sean Connery movie Zardoz came to mind with his red suspenders when I read that. 🥴



  9. Lou, I have the same problem with hearing. Its kind of nice when I dont want to hear what Better Half is saying....... It does suck when we are out and in a restaurant though, she has to yell at me err, raise her voice for me to hear her.😁

    For your magnifier, I have been using one of these at home for my build:


    Pricier than the Optivisr yes, I do like it better though. I have an Optivisor at work, I dont like the way it creates a tunnel vision with the sides; I like seeing what is coming at me from the side. Optivisor is what they buy so unless/until I choose to buy another one I will be an Optivisor user at work.


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