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  1. Thank you Harry and Lou for your encouragements. Very nice model, Lou, I now know what to aim for. I will be asking some advice, case needed (and you can count on it, there will be more than 1 case 😉 ) Leo
  2. Dear Nenad, I have started reading your build log: what a tremendous job you are doing, both in making the best possible Cutty Sark ever and the prose you are writing. If one would print out your build log it would be the size of a telephone book, but not so boring. 😉 Keep up the good work and I will continue admiring your work. Leo Ps This should be my 10th post and I should be able to have my signature under my posts from now 🙂
  3. I am following your build log with great interest as my CS is in about the same stage of building. I will definitely learn a lot from your proceedings. Thank you Leo
  4. I went through your build log and I am delighted by the work you are doing. Thanks for sharing your story about father. Leo
  5. Chris, What a magnificent kit you are making! James, You are setting the mark rather high on how to write a build log.😉 Congratulations to both of you. You make me proud to be a member of this fantastic community. Leo
  6. Very nice job, Ted! I built the ship myself some 30 years ago, so now she needs to be restaurated.
  7. Yes, another Cutty Sark build log. 😉 I have been lurking on this wonderful site for some 2 months and I cannot but start a build log myself about the beloved Cutty Sark. Let me first introduce myself. I am living in Belgium, so English is not my mother tongue, forgive me therefore my mistakes in English. As a youngster I started building plastic planes, the Cutty Sark and Saturnus V rocket, but also gliders (Kleine UHU from Graupner, Piviere from Aeromodelli and a glider based on my dad’s plans) and a motorplane (Taxi from Graupner) in balsa wood. A sailing boat (Co
  8. Jan, you did a fantastic job! I never believed a model could look like the same as the real ship. Thanks for sharing
  9. Happy birthday, my second son was born on the same day as you 😉 it is a pity he is not a modeller. 😢

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