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  1. Yesterday I received a very nice pile of very nice planking strips. Thank you Vahur! See also my post in What did I receive today
  2. I did not receive it today, but yesterday... A nice parcel well wrapped and packed, full of very nice planking strips in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Pear and Teak ( and some nice samples of other woods) from Hobbymill.eu. With special thanks to Vahur aka wahka_est
  3. These rats look great and you did this in one evening? Great idea to make some plans ahead. The next step in my plan is lining up the bulkheads, after correcting the sawing of the bulkheads with small strips and sanding. I will update my build log after this step. Good luck!
  4. Nice to see somebody building the Harvey from AL. I have built mine some 30 years ago and remember having good fun on her. But moving 4 times in these 30+ years has taken its toll and she is definitely in for a big make over, but I have started in the meantime on the Cutty Sark and I am bashing the kit a lot, so no time to do 2 ships at the same time. The deck is looking great and hope you will have a lot of fun.
  5. At last some progress I can show... I was not so happy with the dimensions of the frames from the kit and compared them with the Campbell plans. I proofed right and after purchasing plans from NVM, I decided to start bashing the kit and making all the frames by myself. That also meant buying a fretsaw and learning how to use it. As the NVM plans are on scale 1/100, I had to convert them to scale 1/78. I am lucky that I use LibreOffice and the Draw module has a nice function that makes scaling rather easy. Just add a dimension line and enlarge your image so it fits nicely within the dimension. In the meantime I also started buying some extra books for further research. So for now, I can show my first batch of frames from 3 - 70, although some sanding and comparing port to starboard half is still to be done. Leo
  6. According to Longridge the rakes are 84, 85 and 86 degrees for mizzen, main and fore masts respectively. Your measurements translate to about 81.6 82.8 and 84.0
  7. Hello, Apart from building ships and planes, I sometimes venture a card model, especially birds. Hope you like it. Leo
  8. Hello Ken, Looks a very nice model. I hope somebody helped you out with your request about your motor. If not, Ebay can be of great help. I built Oceanic from Revell myself and installed 2 x Decaperm from Marx, but Oceanic looks like a port tug compared to your Smit Rotterdam! 😉 Good luck
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