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  1. On 11/11/2018 at 9:22 PM, channell said:


    There is an insane amount of PE on this build, more than I've ever attempted before but it seems to be going well so far. I've honestly been having a good time working on Bissy over these past few months, guess that's what matters most! 


    My Hood build has been on ice for a couple years now and is an equally monster project as the Bismarck but I got bogged down on the build and just wasn't "feeling it" at the time. I figured it was better to wait until the "right time" came to pick it up again... and it will, just like my "Bismarck Madness" came back after a few years. 


    These superdetailed 1/200 warships are not easy projects to see through to the end... hopefully I'm getting old and mature enough now to actually get a few of 'em finished instead  of just flitting around between overly ambitious and overwhelming projects...



    I feel your pain!


    Cheers,  Tom

  2. Thanks Mike, you are very kind! I have a feeling your Walrus build will be the better of the two! I do love the versatility of using Future (I actually use an equivalent called "Quickshine"), whether for a gloss coat, filling small gaps, as an adhesive, and to simulate glass. There's probably other applications out there!


    Cheers,  Tom

  3. It is my pleasure! I am still catching up, and I’ve been really enjoying the journey. The black was just a suggestion based on a cursory guess of the color, but perhaps brass might be a better match! In any case Vallejo paints are really good for brush painting touch-ups. Now back to my reading and saving photos for reference.


    Cheers,  Tom



  4. 6 hours ago, yvesvidal said:

    It is just superb. I love your PE skills.




    Thank you very much! After working extensively with 1/350 photoetch, it’s easier (many parts are larger) and harder (there are more subassemblies)!


    4 hours ago, Old Collingwood said:

    Same as Yves,    very nice work.



    Thank you!


    Cheers,  Tom

  5. Just catching up here. Your work is truly marvelous! I am learning a great deal here, and admire your initiative and ingenuity. For example, the trennels on the deck look much more authentic than I’ve seen using other techniques. If I may offer a humble suggestion, a small drop of medium to high visosity CA applied with a toothpick then painted could be used to seal the gap in those links. In any case, I will be following your work with interest!


    Cheers,  Tom

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