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  1. 12 minutes ago, dkuehn said:

    I appreciate all the suggestions. I just emailed the family's cherished lists in so we're done with that. I've been working on this lawyer stuff for a while and I think I'm finished. Now I can forget about it and get back to my HMS Flirt build that I have been neglecting for the last month. 

    If you feel like  you would like to  - we would  love to follow you on your HMS Flirt build,   not only so we can see  what you do  - but more importantly for friendship,   perhaps in some way  we can share  a friendly  few moments  while you build.


    Hope that came across ok?



  2. 1 hour ago, Canute said:

    Nice looking red seats, OC. Do you have lap belts for those seats. They're usually strewn all over the seat bottoms. The pax just up and leave them wherever and the crews in the cabin have enough other duties to worry about neatness. You're doing great work on this beast, sir.

    Thanks Ken,    the ones already on the backs are molded on but not very good  - I could have a go at replicating some with tamiya tape, might work.



  3. Just sorted my pics out of  my current stage  -  I  have started working on the  fabric bench seats in the cabin,   these are  plastic  and are painted flat Red and Alum  - I will place a few rows and leave the end  sections in the up position  (just for a bit of variety).

    The inner hull section is just leaned against the seat to show how it will go.





  4. Evening all,   so  -  more work has been done  (you know me I don't like to rush things)   anyway  I finished off  the cockpit by painting the seat cushions a nice mid Grey colour, then when Dry  I fiited the decal seat belts  (no fuss to these - not as good as pe ones)  then I  brushed on a few coats of flat clear to blend them in  - then I fitted the pedals (Four part buddies they were).   Then after painting and weathering these  I gave the whole area another coat or Two of top coat, then the cockpit bulkhead was glued in.




  5. 50 minutes ago, thibaultron said:

    Nice! I have a vac form kit of a 1/72   B-17 YB, the first production model, and am terrified of it! Maybe some day I will tackle it. I have the complete series of 1/72 kits (all the A thru G variants), and would like to build the vac kit, when I finish those. I even have a card version kit of the prototype. Probably not enough years left to finish all of my stash.

    Come on Ron,    you know you have an audience.



  6. On 7/11/2020 at 1:45 AM, Louie da fly said:

    I've put this build on hold for the time being - I'm putting all my efforts into the dromon build at the moment, trying to get all the oarsmen completed. Once that's done I'll be able to do some more on the Great Harry.

    I'm  "abit"  late to the party  but it came to me  - Isn't the Marry Rose similar?   could you not use her plans  to help with your hull planking?



  7. 2 hours ago, Kurt Johnson said:

    That’s interesting. Thanks, I learned something.  I have never seen roof like that before ( which isn’t saying much at all). I am definitely of the newer isn’t necessarily better crowd. I’m a back to basics person, if anything. There was always a good reason why things were done the way they were done at the time. We are definitely not any smarter today. Irregardless I still like the look.



    I would also have said  - the aging of the roofs/materials  as timbers bend and sag with age  (I have seen it myself with old/er buildings  you should have seen the roof in our old 17th century cottage we used to live in, it would have made a good roller coaster.



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