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  1. Can I introduce my next build from my old stash  I told you about  - I will build her more or less  straight out of the box, but I will try to do some extra detailing if I can  - the inner cabin lends itself and frankly cries out to be super detailed.

    Buckle in for this one - as it might take some building  it looks big in the box - so it will take some skill to bring it to life.





  2. 3 minutes ago, Edwardkenway said:

    Nice bit of recycling OC, I use to have a miniatures carrier for my wargaming figures but it's long gone, so that's a great use of good box😁

    Does this mean you are taking a break from the Harrier and tramping back to the barricades 😉?

    I have a we bit more to do on my SHAR  and base  then I will either  continue with some more figures as I have a few in my stash  or I might supprise a few and start something else I also have in my stash  from weay back  (think I mensioned my stash somewhere)



  3. 2 hours ago, king derelict said:

    Harrier 809 looks like it's going to be a great book. The link has some interesting Sea Harrier / Falklands tidbits.




    Great model of an iconic aircraft

    Think I have spoken to the Author  or tried to.



  4. 1 hour ago, Canute said:

    OC, you sound like that guy in the old "Joe Palooka" comics, always under a dark cloud. Don't know if that comic was shown in the UK and I'm trying to find a picture of him. You have been snake-bit, but always rally back to turn out some gems, like this SHAR. 👍

    Thanks Ken,    having that breather  -  fresh eyes  really helps, I think when you are pushing so hard on a model and things start to go wrong  - a break certainly helps  even if just for a few minutes.



  5. Evening all.     before I  do a briefing about my status with the build  -  this is what the admiral said to me about todays antics  - "You should  stop making model planes"   reason being - 


    I decided to carry on putting some  masked White lines on the board thats simulating  HMS Hermes deck  - its going very well,    I put it aside to dry  and noticed that the pitot tube on SHAR was drooping even further,  so it had to be corrected some how  - out came my gummed up bottle of ca glue  - its gone like a treacle now  stiff and stringy,  I had no choice but to try to use a fine bit of stiff wire and dab it in the glue then try to smear it around where the pitot tube is attached  (did I say it was a mess)  "yep even more mess caused"   streaks of ca strings down the nose cone and a few blobs also, yet the pitot  was still not secure.

    No choice but to pull the pitot out and attempt to sand down the nose cone,  it took a good sanding and polishing to get it smooth, then where the pitot enters I sanded it back and made a fresh tiny hole  - then I brushed onto the cone a few layers of my Vallejo Black surface primer, this went on quite well as it tends to self level, but after force drying it I then buffed it abit to smooth out a few  brush marks.

    I had thrown away the ca as it was now no good and had caused enough trouble,  so I had to use a bit of my Revell  plastic glue  to secure the pitot tube  - I agian used heat to kind of melt the join and trap the pitot tube pin that makes the joint.


    While all this was happening  I also managed to knock the front u/c leg off (it fell into the carpet jungle)   and also one of the sidewinders cam un glued, I found both and simply re glued them.


    Hence the admirals comments above.



  6. 21 hours ago, Nirvana said:

    Nice paint job, but I have a question regarding the waterline,

    with the scale you are working with, the waterline seems very wide to me - is that a camera angle creating this illusion or is the waterline that wide in real?

    Per,   the boot line in real life would have been about 8 feet wide on Battleships of that tonnage.



  7. Evening all,     Thank you all for all the likes  and comments,


    Right straight in with some progress  and a little laugh  -  I had finished  attaching the main and front u/c units  got then lined up and flattened the tyres  for weight, then somehow I managed to drop the plane  onto the floor  😦  I expected the worst  - but the only damage was the pitot tube had  come away, bit of a pain  as my ca glue has gone thick and  wont smooth into place, I had to use some as the pitot is metal, I managed to smear  a bit around the  break but it was not a smooth as I wanted - oh well  best left alone.

    Next job today  was to work on the Two outrigger legs  - simple?   - not quite,  glued in place and even added flat spots under the wheels, but they were two high and were pushing the main u/c unit off the floor by the eqv  of a bout a  foot, so some fiddling  sanding  under the outrigger units  and re try, did this for some time - till one of them came un glued and fell to the ground🤬    you know  those bins  - it nearly  got a plastic SHAR.


    Any way I can away from the table  for a break  - then later I returned  with a new wind  and tried again, the leg was re glued and forced dried with the dryer, then after it was set I continued till I got all sitting on the deck.🙂


    They still need painting  - but I decided I would have a go at  simulating HMS Hermes deck using the  section of board I have thats grassed on one side, I flipped it over and have started to lay some paint layers down, It needs a dark strip down the centerline and white edging bands  - these will be masked up and painted by hand.


    So this is the current status  - and a couple of pics...






  8. Evening all,   I did abit more  today  concentrating on the U/C  units  these are built up in stages with  painting and weathering  in layers,  I have  been able to glue them in place  letting them set  before I work on the  outrigger units  - then it can be sat on its  wheels.


    The main u/c  doors were changed onboard  Hermes  as  they had an issue with original ones  (hence the colour shade difference)😉


    # just noticed the front u/c small door has moved and will need re gluing.🤨





  9. 21 minutes ago, Edwardkenway said:

    I do hope you find the time to do an ECW dio.

    You see many because in my opinion it got swallowed up by the Thirty years war and the grand alliance 

    I was at that actual event with my late farther  - he took me  when I was about  7 or 8    - I was blown away by all the  colour / smell and noise.



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