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  1. Evening all,   more progress   -  firstly I glued down the Two seats  then gave thier frames a few coats of Grey  (still need the cushions painting)  then I worked on the Two consol supports  these have sone subtle wiring that after fitting I picked these out with Silver dry brushing,  then it was the turn of the Instrument consol,   this was given a few coats of Black  then when dry it was  decal time  - these are Three seperate pieces for the instruments  - they went down without fuss, then when set I brushed over a few coats of flat top coat.

    I then glued it in place  and  nest will be to paint the seat cushions.


    Bulkhead  still just dry fitted.







  2. Evening all,   I got some good progress on this today,   remember I had masked up?   well I applied a few coats of a mid Grey  then dried  them  - this allowed me to remove the tape fairly quickly,    it turned out ok  with just a tiny amount of  seepage  - just a quick touch up fixed this, then I decided to weather the floor a bit as it would have seen a lot of  movement  - basic Earth  wash all over then using a wet brush I removed most of it - then finished off with a rag  the dried  - doesn't look too bad.

    Next was to work on the cockpit parts - simple process  cut them off clean them up  - glue in then down, then  they were painted  Grey/Black and dried,  next I painted a few details  and  did a wash and a bit of dry brushing.


    The pic with the  cockpit  bulkhead is just dry fitted  as it will go in when the seats are painted and fitted.







  3. 16 minutes ago, Louie da fly said:


    It pretty much is, for many people. I remember a re-enactor's surprise when I told him we were not going to get married in mediaeval costume. I said re-enactment was my hobby, not my life. He found that hard to accept, too.

    Yep, I know some who would spend months even taking thier family  on skirmishes  they would turn into long holidays,  you would see them all dressed fittingly.



  4. 15 hours ago, shipman said:

    Old Collingwood, I have something very similar; it's called an Olfa 'P-cutter'. Like any other sharp tool, if you don't give it your full attention it takes off with a mind of its own.


    I agree with the visible detail assessment of the 1:98 kit. I was meaning the smaller ship scales as I mentioned earlier.

    Also good for smoothing round  masts using the inside curve.



  5. 3 hours ago, Roger Pellett said:

    I have often wondered about the logistics of being a reinactor who chooses to be a cavalryman or dragoon.   In addition to owning a horse, you would need to have a way to get it to the reinactment site, a place to board it, vet bills,  etc.  Here in the US, horses are referred to as “hay burners” because of their large appetites.


    How about reinactors who belong to horse artillery units.  Who owns the horses?


    This would have to be a way of life, not a hobby.



    Indeed Roger   and very costly  if you take it to extremes,  if you are just a basic pike man  - its  quite an easy and cheap way in  - they will even lend you some gear/clothing till you can either maker your own/have someone  make it  for you or buy it.



  6. Evening all,   I got a bit more done on the "Wokka Bird"   first  I glued the two sections of the cabin bulkhead together, then I  removed the rear cabin floor and did small amount of tidy up around the edges  - then I applied a couple of coats of the main Grey colour,  then when dry  I have masked out the floor ready for the darker Grey colour.






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