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  1. Evening all, more progress  with SHAR  -  I decided to wortk on the Pitot Tube  and nose cone, firstly the kit one is able to be improved  with the addition of a brass Masters  tube, but first I had to cut off the plastic one where it is joined to the fuselage frame, then it was a case of sanding the front part  flat  - and with a very very very fine drill  I made a small hole in the end  (not very easy)   I managed to do this (just)  then the brass tube's end  (protrution)  was glued into the hole with ca,  this was left on one side while I worked on the nose cone.

    The nose cone needed some shaping as the fuselage at the very end is not a purfect circle, so I sanded the edges where it needed flating slightly,  then I maked with a pencil inside  for the T.D.C  alignment,   then I  applied a few coats of  Black/Grey  and after a few coats of top coat,   then when dry  it was lined up and glued in place,    still needs some work to tidy up and a bit of paint on the tube.






  2. Im back again  -  next up  was the rear jet pipe exhausts  - these get very hot so they  soon show a burned  metal finish, I mixed up a  mixuture off  Brass  and flat Black  and gave then a couple of coats, next came the fuselage heat shields  - thease again tended to get  very hot and show a burned metal look.

    After these had dried I applied a few coats of top coat then they were glued in place  - next was the placing of the 190gal  drop tanks  on thier inner pylons.


    Its getting there.







  3. My procedure for my decals was to apply micro set to surface first, then position the decal and using a cotton bud smooth out the decal, then when set I applied a good few coats over the top with micro sol, with the tail decal it settled down even let the panel lines show through  - but  the silvering  between the decals  on the decal is showing the decal not  pulling it down  (its all down to me not applying a gloss coat before the decals)



  4. Good day all,   I have been pushing on with the varnishing with my brush  -  its not going too bad, the main culprit  being the Royal Navy  decals on the tail, its not fully blendid into the paint surface but it will do,   I have also been concentrating on creating the SHARS  tell tail  rear dirty shiny  rear lower from the heat from the rear jet pipes.


    So without delay here are some pics -







  5. Evening  all,   more progress this evening  - after  applying the serial codes to the bottom of the tail, I then  settled it down with micro sol, and when I was sure it was set  I then rubbed  some pancil into the rear lower part of the frame to represent staining from the Hot rear  jet pipes,  after  I started work  brushing on  my Vallejo Acrylic Varnish, my method for doing this was to work in controled areas  and  dry  between coats.

    Working over the decals was/is taking its time as its needing several coats to hide/blend  the silvering  on the decals  - it is working just slowly  and  some are more stubborn than the rest.


    I will put some pics up when I am  happy with the result.



  6. Evening all,  decals are on, just need to wait a few days for them to fully settle down  - then I will  dirty the back end abit with pencil gently rubbed over, then I will brush paint my Vallejo Matt Acrylic Varnish, it shouldn't look bad as the lighter paint finish was applied by brush out in the Atlantic on HMS Hermes  by the crew.

    This will (hopefully)  seal in the decals and blend them in so I can handle it for the other bits and pieces.





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