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  1. 1 minute ago, lmagna said:

    I'm right here looking overt your shoulder as always, (Well possibly not in Waterloo).


    The S***hooks were certainly big although probably not much louder than a Huey and we flew with them quite often. I even flew in them a couple of times. Quite a bit different than in a Huey. More like like a flying sardine can kind of feeling :blink: with a much more limited view somehow. It is obvious that they are a good ship though as they are still almost everywhere in the world getting the job done. Quite an achievement in the world of combat aircraft. 

    Great having you following Lou, always love yours and Marks imput regarding heli's  - grab a comfy seat my friend  might be a long ride this one.👍



  2. 1 hour ago, cog said:

    "AK" has paint sets for the Eastern and Western approaches which are very close, so does "Lifecolor". BNA modelworld has both of them e.g. RN Eastern Approaches


    doing great

    cheers mate

    I have used  Lifecolor   on my old  Warspite build  - as you know, they are excellent  paints.



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