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Bluenose II by Bertu - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:75, Fishing Schooner

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Hello All,


I have just become a member and am already half way through my second build, Bluenose II. I have already built the Juan Sebastian Elcano and now I'm building this kit to gain more experience before I go for a more challenging project, maybe the HMS Victory 1:72 scale. From what I have seen in this forum I am sure I will learn a lot. I haven't kept any photos of my work in progress for the Bluenose so I uploaded a few images showing what I have finished up to now. I will upload more images as I go along and probably put forward a few (maybe a lot) questions. I will appreciate any comments and hints where I can improve.







Hull and deck finished, painted and varnished.





Bowsprit fitted as well.



Have prepared most of the cabins, etc to go on deck.



Stern Cabin



Central mess room



Now finishing the boats to go on deck.


Thanking you for all the support which I'm sure I will receive




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Hello Robert, excellent work so far!! Very clean and neat. The same kit was my first build. I enjoyed building it.


Kind Regards


Hello Dimitris,


Thank you for your nice comment.  I'm enjoying building it too.  Today I watched your build log for it.  Nice work too.



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Great work so far. She does build into a beautiful model when complete. I finished her back in December or January as my first build

Thank you.  I'm hoping to get enough experience from it to go for something more challenging.  Maybe the HMS Victory.

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More work on the boats.



Stanchions cut and fixed to inside of hull, then trimmed.



Fitted gunwale covers.



Boat ready for varnish.  Oar locks are made from brass thread and fitted in drilled holes on gunwale cover.



These are the two rope tie-offs to go on deck.  On small items like this I find it convenient to drill a small hole at the base and glue a piece of wire.  Easy to handle them when painting When fixing on deck trim it down to about 5mm, drill a hole on deck, same wire diameter, and glue it with wire inserted in the hole.  Much stronger bond.



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Hi Robert,


Welcome to MSW, I'm a fairly new member myself and just started my first ship and build log for the Artesania Latina HMS Bounty.  


I try and follow most of the AL builds on this forum so I'll be stopping in to check out your progress.....and I might add she looks excellent so far, very clean and precise work :) 



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Some more progress



Dories varnished and ready to go on deck



Capstan and stern windlass parts.



Capstan and windlass built and mounted on base.



Embellishments and ship's name positioned and glued to hull.





Propellers polished and fixed in position.


I apologies for any wrong names for parts of the ship.  I'm still trying to get used to them.







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Hello Christine,


Thank you for your comments.  I intend to keep it. This is my second build. The other was 'Juan Sebastan Elcano'.  I love building them and would not like to part with them.  Bluenose is a good kit to learn from.  Putting apart a few mistakes in the instructions and a couple of small items missing from the kit, I think its a good starting point to learn on planking, masts and rigging.



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Hi Robert, 

She's coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.


Just a word of caution, though. I would count your deadeyes before you get too much farther. I ran into the rigging stage and was short almost a whole set of the larger deadeyes for the ratlines and shrouds. Had to wait almost a month to get them from a retailer here in Canada.

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Thank you for your encouragement Dimitris.



Wheel fitted in place.  I am polishing the metal parts first with steel wool, then polish them with a metal polish for cars I had in my garage.  It brings out quite a good shine in them. Then I varnish them, hopefully they will not darken again.



Thanks cwboland




Fortunately I had checked the contents when I bought the kit, and yes you are right, there was almost a whole set missing from the large deadeyes.  Also missing was the very small double bollard that goes on the capstan.  I had ordered them over the internet from a supplier in UK. They have a vast selection of fittings and very quick service and reasonable postage charges.

I have started fitting the deadeyes to the chainplates.  The rings for the deadeyes are a bit small.  When you fit them on the deadeyes, the hooked ends remain too much apart to fit on the chainplate.  Had to adjust each and every one of them.


That's all for today, hope I have more for the weekend.



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Fitted chain-plates in place.





Positioned and glued deck items in place.  In the instructions there were a couple of wrong measurements where they should go so I marked all positions with masking tape where every piece should go to avoid surprises after they are glued.



Maybe I an being a bit paranoid that small items will come off when rigging so I fixed with wire dowels.





All in place. I did not fit the dories for now because I think they will be a bit in the way when rigging.








Now eager to start the sail masts.




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  • 2 weeks later...

This week I did not have much time to work on the Bluenose, but managed some more work.


One of the three cowls was damaged.



Filed off base completely, found a circular piece of thin, formed a ring same size of cowl and glued to base of cowl.



I think they are quite identical. One on the left is the original, one on the right is the fixed one. The outer rim of the base will be painted.



Started working on the masts.  The sail came ready sewn with the kit.



Tapered the masts with the drill method, and fixed the base for the top mast, reinforced with a wire dowel.



Erected the crosstrees and mounted the lower and upper masts.



This weekend hopefully I will finish the lower part of the masts.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Moving slow.  Didn't have much time to spare on Bluenose.


Finished masts.  Ready to be mounted.



Fixed anchors, davits and cowls onboard.



Tighteners secured to the bow and bowsprit.



Anchors, davits and pulleys.



For the pullies I did not just cramp the shaft's ends as shown in the instruction manual.  I soldered the ends and finished them with a file.  I think they look much better.



Hope to mount the masts this weekend.







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  • 2 weeks later...

Some more photos.


Masts fixed on deck. Used carpenter's white glue to give me ample time to adjust alignment. post-18504-0-74751900-1433062077_thumb.jpg


Shrouds tied on masts.



I made a jig for the dead-eyes to have the shrouds as close as possible to the right length.  I've seen this idea in one of the forums, don't remember which.post-18504-0-41802200-1433062161_thumb.jpgpost-18504-0-89169400-1433062218_thumb.jpg


Dead-eyes for the lower mast all in place.post-18504-0-35326800-1433062321_thumb.jpgpost-18504-0-30449500-1433062405_thumb.jpgpost-18504-0-52133000-1433062482_thumb.jpgpost-18504-0-08533400-1433062432_thumb.jpgpost-18504-0-71096700-1433062532_thumb.jpgpost-18504-0-95601400-1433062573_thumb.jpg


Ready for the ratlines.






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Thanks for the comment Jerry. I cut the vents on the bulwarks before I fitted and before I painted them, contrary to the instructions. First I marked all the vents on the bulwarks with the help of the template provided with the kit. I drilled three holes for each vent, two at the sides and one in the middlt. With a knife I trimmed out the remaining material. Then I finished them with a small flat file and a nail file trimmed to fit the vents I think it is easier to cut them before you fit the bulwarks in place.

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