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HMS Endeavor by hof00 - Artesania Latina - Whitby Cat

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The new project....


O.K Endeavor, something that is so close to NZ.


Have done "Dry Fit" of bulkheads would like some feedback as to the "Real" Keel.

Do I fit now or wait until the streaks are done? 


Have done a couple of A/L Ships but am interested in maybe cutting Bearding Line in Keel before planking?













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Any ideas/thoughts regarding/securing the actual Keel on the False Keel prior to planking?

Do I do this and rout the bearding line first, or plank and then attach the keel?


Ideas/thoughts welcome....



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HI hof00

 I am new myself, and can't really answer you questions. I too have an endeavour to start soon,

and will be asking the same questions. Have a look in the tutorials in the link, there

might be something to help.





Cheers Chris

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Aahhh So that was you that beat me by a short nose to get that from gumtree.         :10_1_10:

I have seen some of those down loadable pdf sites. they look a bit suss to me,

so have steered clear of them.


It would be interesting to know if the new copy, is a revised edition as claimed on the cover

Hooroo Chris

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Thank you all for your replies!!

Hi have a couple of A/L ships already complete, Bluenose II and Mare Nostrum and the Keel ha always been fitted after the 1st planking.

I guess I'm looking for an alternative method?

I have read somewhere that the Keel is fitted prior to the 1st planking, maybe with a Bearding Line cut at the join of the two Keels.


The False Keel is nice and straight!! :-)

I bought the "Anatomy of the Ship - Endeavor" a few months ago off Abe Books.


The Bulkheads needed a little "judicious" work with a Flat File to get a nice fit on the False Keel.

A little disappointing that the holes for the Mast locations were not pre-cut, never mind.... I took the measurements off the plan with some calipers and transferred to the Ply Decks. Just need to also mark positions of the Bulkheads on to the decks.


So, at Present, I have not gone "Wild" with the glue, just dry-fitted at this stage. (Measure twice, cut/glue once. :-))

If I am to fit the Keel first before planking and cut a rebate. it will need to be done before the Bulkheads/Decks are fitted. (Hence the question.)


Cheers and Regards, Harry.

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Thanks Boyd, (And everyone else.)

I think that this will be "Interesting" to say the least.

I am thinking that my Plank bender is going to get some Overtime!!

(Very "Bluff" Bow and some otherwise compound curves....)


Your going to have this challenge soon Boyd. :- :) (At least one half of your Bounty. :-))


Let me experiment for you.Chap :-)


Mr Lester, I have had a damn good look at your stuff, really good am hoping that I can replicate something to the quality of what you have accomplished.

I think that the Endeavor "Club" is in good health.


The Ship is as just as important, (In historical terms for you in the "West" Island :-) of New Zealand,  as it is to me.

Sorry, a bit of "Swish." 


I am looking forward to this, something totally different in terms of years, (Century), and the build itself.


I am looking also forward to maybe "Picking your Brains."


A question that I am trying to get some closure on, How about affixing the Keel proper to the False Keel, Cutting a Bearding Line before 1st layer of planking? Wot is your estimation?


The choice was difficult, Mamoli Flying Cloud or something totally different. (Maybe a prep for the Victory?)

I guess I chose different. :-)



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And I forgot to say this is supposed to be available soon.





I don't know if it is a reprint or a new edition, but i will be buying when available. Chris

Go to bookfinder.com and look for this book.  I would bet you will find a copy for a lot less than $45.

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One thing that I discovered is that the Deck Planking seems to be "In Scale."

Counted the Planking Midships from Anatomy of the ship, Measured the kit deck in the same location and divided by 6mm (Supplied Deck Material)

I'm pretty happy with this!! (Maybe I'm getting fussy....)


Having a think still regarding the Keel.

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O.k so I'm being lazy,

Can someone please let me know what the Anatomy Of The Ship Drawings are for the Endeavor in 1/60? (The AOTS drawings are 1/4" to the Foot, well the ones that I am interested in at this juncture.)


Maybe point me in  the direction of a Calculator?

(Feel like a real dummy....)



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Hi Harry,


Yes, the bloody scale game "is a foot"...try this on for size  :)


The calculations below are in relation to one foot (12 inches) or scale feet if you will.


My Bounty is 1:48 (also a popular railroad scale called "O" scale)


So 1:48 scale; 12" (one foot) divided by 48 = .25 inches or 1/4" (6.350mm) = one foot on the deck of my ship


In your case:

So 1:60 scale (slightly smaller): 12" divided by 60 = .20" (5.080mm) = one foot on the deck of your ship    


My bible for scale conversions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scale_model_sizes

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Thanks Rowan,

Not much happening last weekend, bit of a "Write Off" with Data Centre Maintenance to the fore, however, I did get the False Decks "Bisected" for locations of False Keel and Bulkheads ready for me to Drill and Nail.


I get the feeling that it may be a lengthy build and it's my first "Bluff" bow that I will be attempting.


Cheers and Regards....HOF. (Harry.)

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Hi Paul,

I am going to give the Amati thingy a go.... Are you talking about the Aluminium "Bulb" at the business end of a Soldering Iron or the "Squeeze" thing with a blade in it's Jaws?


I'll be trying the former of the above.


Have had success with this before and does nice tight curves but have to soak first of course.


Am also thinking that tapering the Planking Strakes at Bow and stern prior to the bend "Heat" treatment at Bow and Stern I'll do on the Stationary Disc Sander.


If the Plank bender doesn't work well with the "Heat" treatment, I'll be making the Jig....


Anyway, just planning and visualizing my potential next few steps.

I have a whole weekend coming up so looking forward to being "Constructive!!"


Your example is looking rather good!!



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Nice one!!

Thanks Chap.

I guess once I have got the foundation, (False Keel, Bulkheads and Deck fitted, this weekend hopefully), I can really get stuck in.

I have some spare Lime, so I intend to experiment a little with the Bending thing. :)

Think I'm actually looking forward to it.


Question for you, what colors have you used and what flavor? (Manufacturer)



Any advice appreciated.



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Thanks Chap.

I'll have to find a match, hopeless in NZ,,,,

Bugger!! all "Choice." (Pardon the French....)


I'll concentrate on the initial build for the mo.


See how the "Bendy" thing goes first...,.  :)


Much appreciated, thank you....


Cheers,,,, HOF.

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Hi Hof


Re the paint, I also got mine from Miniature Steam, I'm sure they will mail them to you in NZ. Another alternative is Cornwall Model Boats in the UK, the mail service is fast and I usually receive stuff from them within a week or so from UK to Aus


Re the top layer planking, with my Endeavour I put the main Wales on first and planked up from that which meant the planks needed to curve upwards, which makes the task difficult if the planks are thin because they would rather kink than curve. I used PVA glue inter spaced with CA every inch and lots of pins and planking clamps to stop the planks wanting to kink. The effect was good with the planks following a nice upward curve like you see on a real ship.




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Hi All,

Thank you all so much with your guidance/advice thus far....

I have more questions, what length are the individual Deck Planks, (Not very clear from AOTS as the Drawings are quite smallish.... Supposedly 1/48 but thinking 1/100) If someone could advise what the "Real"  Scale of AOTS Endeavor, in the publication, I would be most grateful.


Any input appreciated.


O.K. have started to cut some stuff, Mast Holes Drilled and a couple of Lower Decks planked. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be attaching Decks to Bulkhesd, Etc.



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O.k. a problem,

False Quarterdeck hangs over, (Proud), of all Quarterdeck Bulkheads by about 1.00 - 1.25 mm. Is this something that others have discovered?

Everything is as straight and level as I can get it. All other Bulkheads, Fore and Poop stand proud of the Decks, a good thing.

Also notice that the "Sheer" of the Pop Deck is much more pronounced than the others.


Pack out the Quarterdeck Bulkheads? 



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Have fun constructing the Endeavour.

Have a look at the logs of the Endeavours on this site, quiet a few different ways to do the bow.

I planked both layers from bow to stern. Takes a while but I enjoyed it.

Let me know if you would like some info on planking and picture of the Endeavour replica bow planking. This info is available on the net, I just collected it over time. PM me.


Dave R

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  • 2 weeks later...

Oky Dokie,

A little progress to date...

There are some simply awesome examples of this subject on this site!!

To Date, have sorted out the Deck Camber, Thanks Paul.

Glued all Bulkheads in position using the False Deck to line them up, but of a mission, and have almost completed planking the Decks.

AOTS shows a reasonably complex Deck with Scarf Joints, Etc.

I guess I may have been more "Pragmatic" in my approach, 4 Butt Shift, no Scarf....

I also did the "Shift" on the Fore Deck, Oops, never mind, I'm not going to take the Planks off now!!


(It is what it is.)


Unsure if i'll give heaps of extra detail in the build, but, I think I may have started already.  :)


Anyway, some Pic's from today.


Have an awesome weekend!!





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