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Black Prince by Cap'n Rat Fink - Mamoli - 1/57 scale - rebuild modified to Lady Katherine - Mario

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Hello my friends,
I have a little time tonight to let you all know that I will be re-doing my Black Prince from Mamoli. I built her per the plans about 13yrs ago. I was not a novice back then. I was the blind leading the blind novice. Well when we built our new home about 10 yrs ago it was never seen again, until now. I found it in my shed. I had thought I had chucked it in the trash years ago.
Right then n there I made it right, because when I did find it I chucked it in the trash can next to my shed. I was going to though some other stuff on top of it that wood of crushed it, but I realized it was my birthday gift given to me from my wife.
I decided right then n there I could not do it. So I pulled it out of the trash can and here we are the both of us. Me n my Black Prince.
Well with the help of Russ n John(Jim Lad) I find out that the Black Prince was a Sloop not a Schooner. With suggestions from Russ I purchased Chapelle's Book Search for Speed. So now I will be converting my Black Prince to a 1812 schooner renamed, but of course...."KATHRINE". my lovely wives name.

Well this is not Sept. or Oct. I was not going to start the re-do of the Black Prince till then. But my spirits have been a little low lately. So I decided to start one of my projects to hopefully perk me up and get on with life.
So i will be using Chapelle's book "The Search for Speed Under Sail". Since so many of these Privateers were built out right or merchants that were converted over to a Privateer. I have been working over Chapter 4 again and again. At this point I still have not decided what sail plan I will be using, but that is still a bit away from that point.
So first I will do the clean up.
Then I will remove the original bulwarks completely. Per the directions all that was needed was two stracks. But it was not enough. The guns did not sit properly at the gunports.
I will re-plank the deck using limewood. Hopefully using the correct trunnel pattern for the era. Using teal oil for the finish.
The bulwarks will be re-built with Sapaley. I will stick with the 4 cannons only. But I will be adding sweeps. I will add the new caprail using scarf-joints.
The color sheme will be flat white below the water line. Flat black above the water line, flat black caprail, and a portion of the inside bulwarks flat black. The rest of the Sapaley will be exposed. Making a few test samples it should look preety good.
As for the furniture the bits will be boxwood. I may be using a combination of gratings and hatches. I will re-build the binnacle. Add bilge pumps. Rig the 1:57 scale cannons. Eliminate the howse holes and go with catheads and timber heads. Re-do the rudder completely. I will also add a trunk cabin and a skylite....
Right now the sails will be partially furled or at full sail. Not sure as of yet. So I will make it my own....
The "lady kathrine"....named for my wife. She only uses one "E".

So let the fun begin.....





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At this point the hull has been painted. After masking the hull off. I painted the hull completely white. Once dried and done with the white color, i masked off the white and painted the portion of the hull that will be black. On the inside of the bulwarks I brush painted a portion black. The rest was left unpainted. I liked the look of the a portion of the sapaley painted and the rest bare. You will also see the finished painted cannons.

you will also notice how you can see the strake lines which i left on purpose for a more authentic look.
i really do not enjoy painting because i do not think i am very good at. plus when the paint is drying i must wait the alloted time for it to dry, which is something i do not much care for. i like modeling at my pace, but in this case the paint is in control of the pace.....

questions and remarks are very much welcomed....









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Ok on this installment I have reach the making and the installing of the rudder. The installation of the rudder has always been a big pain for me on any boat. You will the original and the new more acurate rudder for my privateer.
Now when I installed the rudder, I decided not to take a drill and drill thru the deck. I built this boat 13yrs ago. I was just not sure if it was going to break thru where I wanted it to...

I also added the sweeps, plus I framed them in...

take my friends







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the next installment....i have now started the construction or bebuild of the ships furniture. A lot of these privateers had a simple companionway to get to the hold. Others wood have a trunk cabin just for the simple reason to provide more head room for the crew.
So since this my personel privateer schooner. i have decoed to add a trunk cabin to privide comfort for my crew members. A total od 12 pictures being added...







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Ok where did I leave off last night. Well no modeling tonight. Off of work(sorry for that 4-letter word) tonight late. So by the time I get settled in it will be beddy by time. So here's the rest of the pictures.
I wood like opinions on the train tackle blocks. My dilema is I used 2mm double blocks and 1.5mm single blocks. So are they out of scale. I could go to 1.5mm doubles n 1mm singles. drilling holes wood be a bit of a challenge. but going with smaller holes means smaller thread. So wood the blocks be at a better scale????? But now the thread wood be out of scale. HMMMM!
Should I pick what might look best...

I welcome all opinions with great interest...









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Hello All,
Well I have decided to bring this build back to life. Been very busy. But I have had time for my hobbies. I got a little off track with bee hive boxes. But went back to my wood working and model building again. If you read the first entry of this build I was going to rig this model, but decided to more of a Admiralty style display. So I had to make the display board and attach the model to it. Then go back to completing it.

Thanks for looking in....



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Hey Sjors, Anga,

  Hello my friends, nice to hear from you again. Been having a great time with life. I hope things are good with you as well. Been building bee hive boxes for my wife, and wood working mid century modern furniture again for the love of my life, and wood turning. And having fun with our children and grandkids. God has been good to us.


Your Friend always,

Mario :D

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According to my thread its been two years. HAHA! This rebuild is just about done, but been trying to find a rigging scheme of how the lifeboard/barge is rigged at the stern of the ship. its all i have left to do.
For those who remember me just been busy with everyday life. I have been working on models, wood working (ex. guitar display cases, black powder guns/rifles, wood turning, raising our kids, kid activities, workin, and of course getting older).
But i blew out my knee so now waiting for surgery so spending more of my time building models. Talk to you all later and Thanks for any advice.

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Well I can call this one completed. I guess I left off 2yrs ago with a lot of all the accessories left to do. Now just a trip to the glass shop to make the lid and the case is completed. This was the very first model boat I ever did, a gift from my wife.
I accomplished what I started out to do. Mamoli's description that it was Benjamin Franklin Schooner. Well I learned that B.F. had a sloop. So went with a Schooner of 1812, Named it after my wife, tried to get it as correct as possible. With one more challenge was to take a model and re-build it to see if I had the skills to do so. All things considered I think did what i set out to do. Not bad for a model I threw in to the trash can and pulled it out 20 minutes later and decided to re-build it.
I'll add a few more pics in the completed model section.





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