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Vasa by puckotred - DeAgostini - Scale 1:65

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Well, I got the first two issues today. 




Unlike the Victory and such there is no magazine, only the building instructions.


There was also a poster of the Vasa.


3 frames, stern decorations, thread  and one cannon is what you get in these first two issues.


I promised my 10-year old son that he could "help" me build it so I have to wait until he comes home from school before building can start.


I will continue later this evening.



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Small update;


Decoration for the stern is full of detail. Not ordinary white metal casting but more like the old die-cast cars way back when...

They sound like coins.

To be painted gold with blue,red and green details.





lasercut looks clean and good:





This could turn out to be a good kit...

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I will also take a seat.

We don't have the Vasa in Holland, only the Victory and the Sovereign of the Seas.


And Joe?

I think that the country where they bring it on the market, it should be that langue.

That's why my SoS is in Dutch.....



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Hi all, and welcome  ;)


the cannon (probably the 3 or 1 pounder) 






I think the quality is quite good. There are also 3 handles(or whatever it's called) to attach. Instructions say it should be painted bronze. 



frame #5 is 170 mm wide! starting to get a feel of the size of the ship now! She'll be 109 cm long in the end...





This is as far you get with these first two issues. 






Will do the gun carriage in the next few days, and some painting next week I hope. Then I'll have to wait four weeks for the next shipment.

I do this with mixed feelings. on one side the wait is good because you have the time to really get things right and put more effort in it.

(I'm the kind that have a urge to rush through to get my hands on the next step in the build)

Also I'll have time to finish off my stagecoach from Amati and do some serious work on my Pinco Genevese


On the other hand I HATE waiting for things to arrive. When I order stuff on the web I usually order from those who can deliver it in shortest possible time... And I have to wait for the Vasa parts 36 times over!!!


See you...

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Those parts look like they are of decent quality. Joints look clean and it appears that so far you have not had to do much of anything to get them to fit together. Off to a great start! I am like you in that I hate waiting for stuff to show up in the mail. I think though that as you get further into this project you will appreciate the wait times as the difficulty increases. Right now though I am thinking that this would be a fun kit to work on along with another model further on in it;s build. Every few weeks when the next steps show up would be a nice break from endless planking or rigging.

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Thank's for all the interest in this build.


Dr Per, look here: http://forum.vasamuseet.se/org/vasamuseet-en/d/building-my-vasa-ship-model/


The few parts I have so far are actually excellent quality. Castings very detailed, laser-cutting finely tuned. No laser burns and the cut is thin as a hair. Even have problems cutting the tabs with a #11 blade(too thick). The only complaint I can think of is that the frames are only 3 mm thick. But then again there will be lots of reinforcements along the hull.


I found Tamiya's "X-12 Gold Leaf" paint in my box and thought that "Gold Leaf" must be precisely the right stuff for decorations.

Luckily I did a testrun on the back of the shield:




Well, as usual it can't be seen on the photo but it gives a "glittery" appearance. Almost like metallic paint.


But, if the Vasa decoration was made with gold leaf at that size it probably would look a little "glittery" but at a distance that would maybe blur out into a uniform golden shine. 

Anyway, there's far too much bumps and nooks and crannies for doing wrong here. It would be hell cleaning off paint...






Remember it's only 17 mm wide!


I will go and have a look in town later today and see if there's any paint that will do. Also need bronze for the cannon. problem  is that even though this is Swedens second largest city it only has one decent hobby shop and he only has Tamiya and Humbrol paints.

I would prefer Model Master or Vallejo but...


We'll see...

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Mr. P,


Excellent, I will also look forward to following along. The metal work looks indeed to be super detailed. Nice!. I understand your frustration in having to wait for updates. BUT you are right, it gives you the time window not to rush, and allowing you to really work on details. in between.  Actually a positive.



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I think I forgot to mention: Length 109 cm, height 86 cm.


Somebody wrote on the Vasa museum forum: 



I was successful in locating Vasa at the deAgostini's Italian website. Relatively large model at 1:65..They informed me that it will hit the US market towards the end of the year.


written in march this year, so there's still hope for you gringos...



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Zoltan; why do you need permission?  ;)


Joe & bob, Thanks


Torbogdan, I have been thinking about it and will decide after I painted the details. But I'm worried that the parts are so finely detailed that it will be difficult to wipe off the wash...

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Hi all, and welcome  ;)


the cannon (probably the 3 or 1 pounder) 






I think the quality is quite good. There are also 3 handles(or whatever it's called) to attach. Instructions say it should be painted bronze. 



This looks like rather impressive gun casting. (My Corel kit came with some generic guns, not anything like the actual Vasa guns)

I don't think it would be a 1 pounder or 3 pounder though.

They would be a lot more slender.

Looks like a 'Stormstycke' that goes on the forecastle.

Also, red for the Vasa carriages is probably not historically correct.

The accounts book states black paint purchased specifically for the gun carriages.

Seems to be a great kit so far.



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