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Advice about attachinng eyebolts

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Hi all, forums were not available when I started modelling. Now that I've rejoined modelling fraternity I've decided to join and tap the wealth of info here.


I've inherited a model of the Lilla Dan. The hull is finished with just the fittings to be attached which is not a problem.


My question is about the rigging fittings. How are the eye bolts (F664) fitted to the hull. Also are the railings fixed with "Araldite" or another glue?


Thanks in anticipation.

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After drilling the appropriate size hole, most put a tiny drop of CA glue on the eyebolt shank and insert it into the hole.  If you are at all concerned that that's not strong enough (lots of rigging tension) you could use a tiny bit of 2 part epoxy.  The CA should be fine, though.

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Ahoy Mates


A couple other things you might do: sand the sides of the eyebolt end that gets glued in. I roughens up the surface and also removes any oil or oxidation that would lessen the holding power of the glue that you use.


If the eyebolt is going to have tension on it straight in line to the hole it's in,file some notches into the sides of the end that goes into the hole 90 deg. These will fill in with glue and hold the eyebolt in even better than just the glue around the straight sides  of the eyebolt end.


I have not had an eyebolt come out of a deck after notching the ends for the glue.


Do not have a hole too tight to the eyebolt size,you need some space for the glue to form a film around the eyebolt sides.



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Hello there, I have a query:- often it is said, 'add a tiny drop of 2-part epoxy'. This part of the planet that means Araldite. Well, if you have just a couple or three eye-bolts to attach, my experience with the stuff tells me you're going to waste a lot of it, even if you just dispense the smallest blob. Then there's the problem with the screw caps locking up. Araldite has a lot of usefulness, but for ring-bolts etc., surely there's a better product. 

Has anyone tried what could be a suitable 'Locktight' product?

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