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SS United States


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Doesn't matter where they are.. without a s#!t load of money (like millions upon millions of $$) and government support, it's hard to keep these relics of the past. Britain does it much better, where they provide funding through their National Lottery to keep historic sites, machinery, and ships open to the public.



Quando Omni Flunkus, Moritati

Current Build:

USF Confederacy



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It's a shame....she was quite a ship.  I guess it's time for the school kids to kick in their lunch money.  I remember doing that back in the 50's a few times but I'll be darned if I remember for what vessels.



Current Build: US Frigate Confederacy - MS 1:64


Previous Builds :


US Brig Syren (MS) - 2013 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Greek Tug Ulises (OcCre) - 2009 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Victory Cross Section (Corel) - 1988

Essex (MS) 1/8"- 1976

Cutty Sark (Revell 1:96) - 1956

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It was in 1830 when Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. penned the poem that begins: "Aye, tear her tattered ensign down..." that galvanized the salvation effort for Old Ironsides.


Maybe we need a new poet for the United States?



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I'm rebooting this because I recently came across this five part documentary..


SS United States: Made in America


A nice walk down memory lane.


I remember seeing the Revell kit at the five and dime in the 50's...  It's price, probably less than $5 at the time was way out of my budget..

Luck is just another word for good preparation.


Current builds:    Rattlesnake (Scratch From MS Plans 

On Hold:  HMS Resolution ( AKA Ferrett )

In the Gallery: Yacht Mary,  Gretel, French Cannon

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I have been trying without great success to obtain a set of plans for the SS United States. I believe that I have acquired as a gift from a nice little lady the original model made by popular mechanics in 1953. She intended it to be donated to the Independence Seaport Museum and it needs some TLC. I was hoping to obtain a set of plans showing the rigging but so far I have struck out. I have cut outs from the magazine Popular Mechanics 1953 which were the plans to build the model but they are somewhat crude. Anyone out there that can help me I would be forever in your debt.

Richard Rathgeber, past president Philadelphia Ship  Model Society


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