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Yacht Mary by AVBiker - Mamoli - 1:54 - Semi Scratch

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Hello(sorry this is Google Translater)


I would like to build the Mary by my personal wishes and it for me still the Orginalität of the model is to be received importantly. The model in the Royal Musem Greenwich is very faulty and precise information to the Mary is heavy to receive. Also Mamoli is very faulty here. The trunk was built as well as Mamoli, nevertheless, coloured were chosen by me. The first pictures show the construction progress.


Greetings Hubert













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Great work-especially the planking-very neat indeed! Look forward to seeing more photos of your build.

I'm building the Mamoli kit and as you say-information about the original Yacht Mary is difficult to find.

Mamoli seem to have based their design mainly on the Witsen drawing,and maybe a sketch by Willem Van de Velde the Younger.

The model at Greenwich does have a number of shortcomings;there is a nicer model made by Robert Spence in Trinity House,London.

Here is a link to a photo of Mr.Spence's model : https://www.flickr.com/photos/69223798@N03/14226543172/in/album-72157644746542821/

Also-I found this image online which may have come from the studios of Willem Van de Velde the Younger,which shows an interesting colour scheme.Hope this is of interest.



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The round gunports from Mamoli are not very good. I make my version, a little bit smaler and difficiler.

The plan from Mamoli is not correct. The print from VdVelde dJ looks a closed window with decoration and not 2 other windows. So my Mary is make as VdVelde print and Mary as museum.






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The next step: i have set many, many wooden nails to the hull and the stern. The scupper are made and the hatch on the halfdeck and not a companion hatch. A little bit of color is painting.

Next step is the decorationes from the stern.


Greetings Hubert




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Your model of the Yacht Mary is beautiful, sir.  The stern windows you made in the lower hull turned out fantastic! I too am working on this same ship using plans from Mamoli but I am completely scratch building my model and making it a plank of frame model. And I agree that there are several major mistakes in the Mamoli plans, especially concerning her bow. 

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4 hours ago, Mike Dowling said:

Did you choose the colour scheme yourself or is it based on the real boat ?

It seems to me from my research that mostly real boat. On my model of Royal Yacht Mary I am giving her a royal blue coloring, even though indigo paints were just starting to come out around that time or soon afterward. I just personally dislike black other than for the wales unless needed (like the painting for Constitution or Victory). Many paintings I have seen of Mary or similar yachts of the time show a black paint with blue tints when in the sunlight correctly. The red paint on inside may be a bit bright, I have heard many modelers like to use a caboose red.

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