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tlevine Carving Attempt with Hand Tools

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As I have never done any carving, I have decided to join this Group.  I am using a combination of a #11 scalpel blade and a 1.5 mm micro-chisel.  


My first step was to glue the blank onto a piece of scrap wood with yellow Elmer's.  I clamped it in place for an hour before getting to work and then scraped off most of the laser char.  As recommemded, my first task was to make the stop cuts.  The key here is to only take off a tiny piece until one is happy with the effect.  In addition to the red lines shown in Chuck's sketch, I added stop cuts on various spots of the crown, looking at what Chuck did for guidance.  Finally, I have started to smooth down the corners.  The last picture was taken to better illustrate the depth of the cuts.


Next, I will make up some 400 grit sanding sticks to improve the surface finish.







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No fair....for you its just like cutting out a gall bladder.   You must do that that ten times a week. :P


But seriously,  that looks very good  I hope you had fun with it.  I am curious how folks will think about the removal process.   Dunk it in some alcohol and give it a go.

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I cleaned up the carving with some 400 grit wet-dry sandpaper and removed the carving from the blank by soaking in isopropanol for an hour.  As you can see, I lost the tip of the bottom of the "R".




Next, I gold leafed it and applied a satin sealer.  I'll try the other carving in a few weeks.  





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