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Jim Byrnes Thickness Sander

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Hi Guys,


I must have been pretty good last year because Santa also bought me a Byrnes Thickness Sander!


I finally got the chance to play with it yesterday and I found that the dust port does not fit to my Black & Decker Shop Vac. My question is whether or not I can use "off the shelf" PVC fittings to make an adapter or do I need to scratch build something?


I know you guys have the answer :).






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There is a Byrnes adaptor thread on here somewhere.  I have a Fein shop vac which is in a metric size.  I had to use two adaptors, one inside the other, for a tight seal.  You might be able to get away with one adaptor and some gaffer tape.


The thickness sander is awesome by the way.  I don't use it nearly as often as the table saw and disc sander, but when I do, I am thankful I have it.

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If needed to accommodate a slight mismatch in diameters, a gasket can be cut from polyurethane foam from a craft store such as JoAnn,  It comes in 2mm and 6mm thickness.  Cut the material to the width needed and oversize in length, wrap it around the fitting, and then cut it on a long diagonal. A spot of glue or double-stick cellophane tape will hold it in place.

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