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Echo Cross Section by Cliff Ward - 1:48 - First POF build

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Thanks to everyone here on the forum for the warm welcome since joining NRG and MSW last month.  I've enjoyed getting to know folks and have had a great time pondering how to make a serious start in the model shipbuilding hobby.


After much contemplation, I decided to tackle an Echo Cross Section for my first POF build.  Much of that decision came from wonderful feedback received by members of the MSW forum...thank you to all for your candid and helpful comments.  I also decided on the Echo Cross Section because of David and Greg's excellent series of books on building the Swan class Sloop.  Between the instructions obtained from Greg when I bought the Echo Framing kit and those books, I believe I'll have what I need to start a successful build.  I am confident other members here on the forum will help me fill in the gaps as I improve my skill set and knowledge base.


First was purchase of the Admiralty Models Echo Cross Section framing kit which came with a full set of framing wood from Crown Timberyard along with a thumb drive of instructions and plans.  I printed out the instructions and plan sheets and had them spiral bound for easy use on the bench.  Wood is on a shelf in my workshop getting acclimated before I start cutting parts.  


Unfortunately Greg has run out of Fitting Out kits and he advised not being able to obtain wood for more kits....he was nice enough to send the complete instructions for the fitting out kit which will allow me to cut my own wood and be able to fully finish out the interior of the Echo Cross Section.  I've got a table saw for resawing billets and will be ordering some Castello and Holly to make the fitting out wood...but I have a quandary...namely what are the details of the wood in the fitting out kit?  Greg did not have a Wood List for the fitting out kit so could not help me with the details.  In the photo below, you can see the wood list of the framing package...I'm looking for the same thing related to the fitting out kit.  Is there someone here who purchased an Echo Cross Section Fitting Out kit who could send me a scan of the wood list from their kit so I could have a guide to know what wood quantities and sized to cut?...I would certainly appreciate the assistance. 




Next step for me will be setting up a building board for this project.  Since I'm trying to use this as a test project for a full ship build in the future, I'll be making a building board same as if I was doing a full ship...probably overkill, but should be a good learning lesson.


Let the project begin!...

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Cliff -  It will be nice to not be the only person working on the cross section. 


I wouldn't worry about the fitting out kit.  I mill my own wood, too.  David and Greg were very nice and sold me cannon barrels and the instructions separate from the wood kit.  It isn't a big problem to mill as you go along, and it give you complete freedom to work in whatever wood you want, and to have your cross section be a little different than everyone elses.  If you have the tools, milling the wood is the least challenging part of the build. It also completely liberates you from worrying about running out of wood if you have to redo parts to get them the way you want.


The Swan books and cross section instructions are excellent.  Greg and David have provided huge amounts of help and advice along the way for me, and I expect will for you as well.  If there is anything I can help with, please feel free to PM me.  I work slowly and check the site sporadically.  I did one scratch build before this (Hahn style Hannah).  The cross section is very different - the full framing and detailed interior make it a completely different project and I'm learning a huge number of new things. 


I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.





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Thanks Doug, that would be great.


All I need is the wood list...the framing kit I bought had a wood list in with the wood, hopefully your fitting out kit will have the same.


I've got some Holly and Costello billets in route to me to cut wood from, just need to know the sizes to cut.


I'm also considering Pear for some of the deck fittings...


Look forward to hearing what you discover....thanks in advance for taking the time to help!


Best Regards


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Took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to make a building board for my Echo Cross Section build.  Constructed along the lines of the building board in Ed Tosti's Niaid book.  Probably overkill for this Echo cross section, but I wanted to use the opportunity to make several of the jigs to use with the track system that will be helpful as I move forward with a full Echo ship build in the future.  This building board is approximately 12" x 15", and the tracks which were obtained from Lee Valley are spaced 10" on center. 


Should provide a stable platform for building my Echo Cross Section and allow plenty of places for use of the tracks as well as clamping around the edge. 


Oh and yes, I did just realize I need to open up slots in the end trim boards so I can slide the mounting bolts onto the tracks....Grrrr!  :default_wallbash:



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