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New member from France.


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Hello all, I think before I start my topic on this forum I should introduce myself. 

I'm 39, married, and a father of a marvelous little kid of two and a half years. I'm a medic, and besides that I'm also a martial arts instructor (japanese MMA), a biker and a guitarist. And of course I try to be a modeler, but I will not finish my model until a few more years...  :D

I currently build "Le Soleil Royal", and I hope my work will be of some interest for you. 

Thank you for welcoming me here, and please be indulgent with my poor mastering of the english language.

Best regards,


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You have already created a 'heritage' for your little one. Its a way to open the history of France for him. In a way we are all beginners as each new model is a beginning. My grandson is too young for models yet so I built him an all wood garage for his cars. BTW I was in Germany in the early '70's as a soldier.

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Hello Marc   :sign: from Monterrey, Mexico

Spanish is my main language and I see your English is better than some Americans I've seen. ;)

I am a guitarist also. I hope your stay here will make you improve your ship building skills.

I am currently building the French Royal Louis of 1780. Gorgeous ship, in my opinion.

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