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CUX87 Krabbenkutter by captgino - FINISHED - Billing Boats - 1/50

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Hello everyone, 


I was asked to finish this ship on behalf of a fellow shipbuilder who past a few years ago by his daughter. The Hull was completed with a few mistakes here and there. 

Some repairs were needed to get it as smooth as possible. 

The deck furnitures were also completed for the most part. They do need some love and attention. Here is a picture of the ship now. 



Started to work on the rails and discovered a few problems. 







Here is the result after the rails have been installed 20171226_100658.thumb.jpg.1cdfca8c5c46a8e2b71d1687ec43c23b.jpg20171226_100709.thumb.jpg.b57bc52b7e30b9bf94dd10b4b114feef.jpg


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hello JP......good of you to pick up the gauntlet......my condolences about your friend's passing.   I built this model as well.....had similar problems with the cap rails not fitting right at the stern.   your off to a great start.....looking real good ;)    kinda curious about the openings for the companionway and hold....as well as the hole in the back where the pilot house will be......they were not cut out in the deck platform.  I did field a few questions about the aft mast though......I had made a platform for the shrimp cooker,  drilling a hole in it for the mast.  I added a bracket for it near the pilot house roof,  for a firm anchor.  looking forward in seeing your progress :) 

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looks very nice in blue......sea Blue?  :)    yep......that's the model I did of her.   thanks for the compliment :)  feel free to use anything in the log.....I added a few extras in there.  I had a great time building her.  I still have a good amount of international Orange  ;)   really nice job with the painting....do you use an airbrush?

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On 1/6/2018 at 5:15 PM, popeye the sailor said:

looks very nice in blue......sea Blue?  :)    yep......that's the model I did of her.   thanks for the compliment :)  feel free to use anything in the log.....I added a few extras in there.  I had a great time building her.  I still have a good amount of international Orange  ;)   really nice job with the painting....do you use an airbrush?

Sorry I forgot to answer your question about the blue. 

It is called Andrea Blue from Vallejo Paint. 


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I have continued to restore and repair the kit started by the previous builder. I am trying to keep as much as the original work and color as possible.

1.  resanded and stained the deck to match some of deck furniture colors. I am planning on doing one or two of wipe on Poly to blend in everything.



2. Added some trim to the main cabin to hide some of the huge gaps. They were everywhere,  all around the pilothouse and base of the platform.



3. Constructed the ropes and nets lifting mechanism.

I am planning on painting it black and dry brushing metal and rust.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Working on attaching more deck furnitures. I am not redoing any of them and. Just using the ones provided. 

I did decide to blacken the brass instead of the paint the previous builder used, I was not able to match the tint. 

The only part I paint is this one as I am planning on adding rust effects.









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Update time. I am preparing for adding the masts and the rigging. 



Worked on and completed the back mast with all its fittings. To shape the masts I used my wood lathe. Pretty straight forward. I then installed it. 




Now attention to the main Mast. 

Here is where I am so far. 



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nice work on the masts  :)    the kit has a bit of a problem with the aft mast...there is no hole drilled for it.  when I did some customer service for Tom,  I fielded a question about it.  the fellow did a great job drilling a hole and anchoring it to the back of the pilot house,  as I suggested.   with mine,  I made a platform for the shrimp cooker to sit on......the hole was drilled in it and I anchored the mast to the back of the pilot house.   was it your idea to move the pilot house inward on the base?   it worked out just as good and looks super.   are you going to make the goose necks for the booms on the main mast?   nice progress so far  ;) 

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you know.......I meant to pass this along,  but Billing Boats  http://www.billingboatsusa.com/     now carries the fitting kits for these models.   for Christmas,  I got another 'old' Nordkap kit.   the older kits do not have the fittings included,   so I thought I was going to have to do another scavenger hunt to locate the fitting kit.

    I just happened to go to the site to price out the parts,  and there it was !!!  ....along with the Mary Ann,  and I think the Cux is there too.   even if you don't need all the parts,  you can add the rest to your inventory.   I'm going to order a second fitting kit for the Nordkap........I have pictures of another model that a fellow did,  and it is a variant of the Nordkap.   I believe it is an older Billing kit too........love to get some conformation on the info I already have.


I can understand......you want to keep much of what the other gentleman did.  so far your doing a splendid job of it  :)    keep it up........this was a fun kit.....I enjoyed it very much!

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Thank you for sharing this. I am checked and saw a lot of intersting items. Once I am done with this kit, I will have the equivalent of 3/4 of the same kit left on the replacement sent by billing boat. So I'm planning of making one for myself in the next few years. Maybe at this point in time, I will purchase whatever upgrade of fittings I can find on the site. 

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