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Mississippi by Micklen32 - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:80 A hopefully accurate rendition

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Well here we go

It is a while since I have done anything like this and hopefully I will be able to craft as well as I used to

I am also running a blog for this build at  http://micklen32.blogspot.co.uk/

My previous builds were the Sergal Racehorse of which I have no record unfortunately

Then in 2004 I built the Sergal Thermopylae. Whilst building this I built a web site which amazingly still exists at  http://micklen.50megs.com/


Well that's me and my history

Now some pictures of the parts and what work I have already accomplished











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So that is the stage I am at now.  I have a bit of tinkering to do with the hull, but I am waiting for a large bottle of Cyanoacrylate medium to arrive so I can put a strip round the edge of the hull.

I also have to fit the rudders and the keel which I will do now, then I have the large cabin to plank.

Plenty to do for sure  :cheers:


I have a bit more titivating to do to the hull but I need the large bottle of cyanoacrylate medium so I have started on the cabins on the first deck



Edited by Micklen32
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After planking the walls of the cabin with Ramin I wanted it to look a bit different to the Ramin on the deck, so I rubbed a little pencil lead into a sanding block and gave it a quick sanding.  For me that has given a pleasing finish.






Well that's enough for me today.  I will go and do my blog then have a relax and a bit of TV  :dancetl6:

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Right now we start getting in to the fancy stuff and titivating.  Something I didn't really have to do with my previous builds.  I have to say I find the 1:80 scale a lot easier to work with that the 1:240 or whatever it was of the Thermopylae  :piratetongueor4:


Working to get the first deck cabins started, remembering that some of them aren't glued as they can be removed so that the wife can play dolls houses  :dancetl6:



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So the windows are in and the fancy strips to cover edges.  Now I need some wallpaper paste  :o

Also fitting the bulkheads of the engine room, both of which are removeable

Quite a nice wallpaper eh?

I am not sure if I am doing things in a different order than others may, I am following the instructions  :huh:



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Not sure why it's now only letting me post one pic at a time before having to post  :mellow:

If anyone has an idea  :(


Anyway the cyanoacrylate arrived and so the edging of the lower deck has gone on

That's enough today as it seems to take longer when you start decorating  :cheers:




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Not happy with only being able to put one photo in each page so I will try using Photobucket link thumbnails.  They should work ok  :mellow:


th_10_zpsc1cc464b.jpg  th_11_zpsf7a106a3.jpg  th_12_zpsd02605b9.jpg  th_13_zpsb0d7ed3f.jpg


So carrying on from yesterday I finished off the edging strips on the hull and added a few more of the decorative strips.

Then the paddle support and the struts had to be done.  It took me forever to get those little struts fitting right  :pirate41:

A few more decorative planks next around the cabin walls just to finish things off a bit.  I MUST get myself one of those little sanding things that take a round strip of sandpaper, whatever they are called  :piratetongueor4:

I then gave the capstan and treads a coat of black, I have decided to depart very slightly and I am painting the capstan fully black with rings of gold.  Only problem there is I need to get the gold paint from the Model Shop Monday along with the other stuff I am lacking.

What I did do was the Breakwater and the knightheads whatever they are.  I won't say the breakwater was easy.  It wasn't, but I got it pretty close.  It was a length of 2mm x 7mm Ramin and I gave it a good soaking.

Not sure whether to just have the day off tomorrow or go on to the steps after the capstan.  I will see how I feel.

Later all  :10_1_10:




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Hi Mick,


You are not sitting still.

Great progress!

Your wall paper looks great.

When I've got mine, the where to small and damaged.

I send OcCre an E-mail and received new ones.

I like what you've done with the planks on the wall.

It looks real!



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Well today was a visit to the model shop for a bundle of paint and a couple of other bits.

When I got back I I started putting one or two things together and cleaned some white metal doors, priming them and giving them one coat of paint.


th_17_zps565ed6b7.jpg  I think they came up quite well.  So much easier being primed  :dancetl6:


th_14_zps5d385dbc.jpg  th_15_zps60260375.jpg

These are called protections and fit on the walls either side of the doors to the casino.  Dunno WHAT they are  :huh:


th_16_zpsbb1e2bc7.jpg   Chairs, Chairs, chairs, stage, chairs, chairs, capstan, chairs and chairs.


I will get back to putting the capstan and treads on tomorrow, then probably get back in line with the instructions which includes the stage, the doors and more decorative strips.

Edited by Micklen32
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Good work......keep telling yourself...'small parts are fun'...'small parts are fun''small parts are fun''small parts are fun''small parts are fun''small parts are fun'


:blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:


And did I say, small parts are fun????


Wait a minute.......is that a fly buzzing around my head????


There's that spinning thing again........ :o :o








Got to watch out....they are peeking in the window!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D




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Great to see al those tiny parts again  :D

When you glued them together and pant them, put all those chairs and tables together and make a picture of it.

That looks awasome  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  

And Adrieke?

The interior is provide by the kit because you can remove the walls and look inside….



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Went and picked up the paint and a couple of other bits yesterday so I could start on the casino doors.

These were cleaned primed and given a couple of coats and they are looking good.


They still need the hinges painting gold and the bent bits of brass glued in the holes to hold the crossbars if you want the doors shut.

Next I started work on the theatre, fitting the stage and the stage pillars.


The casino and theatre have quite a bit of furniture and the instructions tell me to work on them next, but I am not sure whether I will glue everything in place as they say.

Lastly a couple of pics of the casino doors and the front of the boat showing the black Protections, whatever they are.

th_19_zps54dd8bc2.jpg  th_20_zpsdb9d7f2d.jpg

Really happy the way things are going


Whoops nearly forgot the internal casino door posts  :piratetongueor4:


Gotta make the place look super suave  :10_1_10:




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