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Triton 1/48 by rummy(Larry)

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Hello to the few, the brave,and the crazy.I have now joined you and I must be crazy to try this build.

 I am almost done with the Triton Cross Section.I took a look at this build and saw the bow and all the pieces I knew if I could build this I could get threw with a lot of help.I am milling my on wood and the frames will be made of maple.Parts will be cut with a band saw and finished with a home made drill press thickness sander


So on with the show  Larry



The first picture shows how I mount my templates to the wood.Double sided carpet tape then a little baby powder to remove the sticky.There are other ways but this works for me




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DUH.....am I slow.  "What's my next build going to be"  posted in your cross section log.   :blink:


Looking good so far and looking forward to watching your full size build. Are you going the 1:48 scale?


Frames will look real nice with that maple.

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HU HA! (Chimo Bayo)


Welcome to the Dark side of the moon! Sometimes I think about doing the cross section, maybe I should do this first instead of going through the tough way but now it´s too late for me...



Welcome aboard and best wishes!




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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

 I have been cutting bow and keel pieces.I took a look and decided to go with a darker wood for these parts.Back to the hardware store.Thats ok for I need practice.There is one piece I was dreading and that was the fore dead wood steps.So I took the easy way sanded the fore wood down to 3/16 inch then added 1/16 Bass wood steps.





This made a nice clean steps


 Best Regards Larry

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Thank you Mark and Guy,I did change wood for the keel and bow pieces.I went with mahogony.I will still do the frames in maple.I changed my building technique.Now I am cutting fitting and sanding one piece at a time.It takes a little longer but the fit is better,at least on the bow.Only one picture.

  Good Night Larry



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Hello one and all.I finished most of the bow pieces.A real challenge to say the least.The whole thing I did over again,some parts I did Over 3,4,and one piece 5 times.


On this part I used the saw seemed to be easier.Yes and up side down.Dang camara "smile"


This is the steps cut in three pieces.



The rest were cut,sanded.fitted and sanded some more.It takes quite a while to get the fit right






Does anyone know where to start the taper and what the final size is on the bow?

Where to start next?Maybe the keel? Have a nice day/night Larry

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Thank You Danial and Rocker,

  I've been working on the stern parts.I again used 3 pieces.The stern was easer than the bow.


 I should quite while I'm ahead and build  it this big



That would make a cute little boat.I'm back to working on the keel      Larry

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Larry, sorry to say, but I think you will become some problems with the layer method if you sand down the deadwood to it's original size. It's very important to taper the inner layer before glueing the other layers on it. Please have a look at the description.


Edit: I changed the link to the description on MSW, perhaps it's helpful.

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Thank You Christian for your help. I have re done the deadwood and seems to be better.There is a lot I don't know and I may miss important parts.



Hello Augie and Guy.Thanks for checking in.Onward to more mistakes.



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Hey ya'll,

  I had the plans for the Triton from the lost cite and was wondering were I can get the plans again because I aslo had a hard drive crash and lost the back up discs for the pc. Now I have to buy a new set up. Will they be posted here again, or where can I get them? 

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Hello Everyone,I'm having a heck of a time with my stern deadwood.

 Christian here are a few pictures of my problem.


 This is a picture of the of the keel which measures 6.5 mm and the rear of the deadwood which is 3mm

On the 3 piece steps the center wood would be 1mm and the steps at 1mm each at the rear of the deadwood.How do I make the keel and deadwood agree




Here is the way I did this.





Thanks for any help   Larry


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the problem with your deadwood is, that you did not made the core part thin enough. After glueing the outer layers on it, it should not be visible. If you put a plank on the stern post and after deadwood, there are some space on your model which should not be there. Don't worry I need several trys until I got these parts right.

I hope you can see on the picture what I mean.



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Hello Everyone.I have been working on aft deadwood #4.Why you ask? I decided that if I could not make this part and get it close to what it should look like,Then I should quit and take up plastic models. :D

Here is the results,made of maple this time.





Here Is where I had most of my problem.Getting this to 3mm.I finally did and this end will be covered.




The bottom part has to be tapered also to fit the keel.The top and the knee was a problem,the only cutout I could find was the side view of with the dead wood.Wangs pictures did not show this knee being used so I tapered it also.



 I am happy and can continue building wooden ships.Few more pictures  Larrypost-37-0-12173400-1368811040_thumb.jpg


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A very nice #4.... :dancetl6:


Way to hang in there and get it to where you wanted it.  If this is any indication of how you will do the rest of the build....it is going to be a mighty fine ship...


Great work..

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