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Yet Another Returnee


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 Before introducing myself I would just like to say how impressed I am with the civility and generosity of the people on this forum. The beautiful work done by so many contributors is obvious but without such a well-run forum I cannot imagine how I would ever be able to enjoy what so many are willing to share. I don't know who deserves the credit but I do know that these things do not happen by accident.


  I have long been away from the hobby and have not worked on anything since the  early 1990's. In part this is probably due to moving away from Colorado and  the positive influences of Phil at Boulder Hobbies and Frenchy DeVynck who  encouraged my efforts. Much has changed since my time away, the availability  and breadth of information is outstanding! Rather than relying on just my  own little library of books and magazines to answer some question, I now find  that on this forum that there are already many viewpoints and experiments.  My interest has been in models of wooden sailing ships, so far exclusively from kits with some kit bashing.


   Kid Stuff: (long gone)
   USS Constitution (plastic, Unknown manufacturer)
   Cutty Sark (plastic, Unknown manufacturer)
   Bluenose (Solid hull, Dumas?)


   Mayflower (Solid hull, Graupner, destroyed)
   Yacht Mary (POB, Mamoli, Gift to a relative and now lost)
   Dutch Gunboat (POB, Mantua, Sold and now lost)
   Lexington (POB, Aeropiccola, in my office)


   In Progress:
   HMS Victory (POB, Mamoli)
   Swift (POB, Artesania Latina)
   Armed Launch (pseudo-POB, Panart)


   In the Box: (Argh, so many guns!!)
   San Felipe (POB, Panart)
   Mysticque Xebec (POB, Corel)
   Royal Caroline (POB, edit: Panart, not Mamoli)

   Thanks for allowing my participation here and I will attempt to break free of my default lurker status.




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Hi Kevin,


Welcome to MSW. I agree, the members of this forum are unusual in their helpfulness and generosity. It makes it a lot better just knowing there's someone out there who can probably help with information or problem-solving if you happen to get stuck or need to find something out.


It would be good to see some photos of your models in progress. Are you planning to start a build log?



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Gidday Kevin and a warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

You will find plenty of support and encouragement here and answers to any questions, within reason.

All the best with your build. 

Looking forward to your build log, if you want to post one.


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Hi Kevin,

Welcome to MSW! 

I sent you a pm earlier about the Hyde Street Pier Modelers club.  this is a link to their website: https://hspms.org/


and this is a link to the J.Porter Shaw library in Fort Mason.  https://www.nps.gov/safr/learn/historyculture/library-collections.htm


happy modeling!  


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14 hours ago, Louie da fly said:

It would be good to see some photos of your models in progress. Are you planning to start a build log?

 Howdy Steven, can I just pay the fine instead?!


Seriously, I have seen how valuable all of the build logs are in this forum and wish to be a good citizen but at the same time it is difficult to see much value in my own production of "nautical decorations". In spite of that, I am sure that each member who has the courage to start one has thought more or less the same thing as there are so many build logs demonstrating exceptional craft and even artistry. In addition, Chuck's Medway longboat is really interesting and very tempting but the price of entry seems to be starting a build log. In addition to getting into the production queue. 


 We shall see!



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Welcome aboard


Everybody has his/her  value in model building. You may encounter other problems which need other solutions. Don't be shy ... start a log. It is also the way to get advice, at least, if you want to be advised ... Besides you won't get rid of that lurking status if you do not start a build log ... Will it be Katoom AKA Kevin The Lurker ... ;)


P.s. It is also a way to get to know kindred spirits at the forum

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I think the idea that "My work is not good enough" is common to 90% of the people who start build logs, and often a disincentive to start one. But do it anyway. Nobody's going to criticize and you'll get a lot of support in your build. And (from my own experience) the "faults" that loom so large to you often turn out to be part of the learning experience.


We've all been there, even the legends of MSW (which I hasten to add, don't include me). Fear of making mistakes often stops us doing anything at all, so jump in regardless - make mistakes and learn from them. And next time you don't make that mistake again. And every time you make a new model, it'll be better than the last one.




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