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Age of Sail 2 - 3d ship models for PC wargame

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I wanted to show a project I have been working for some time now - since discovering the way to import models to this old, but still very capable game.




I aimed to replace all the line of the ship models in the game, starting with frigates (as they were abysmally horrible), and over time I think I have found a certain balance between level of detail and sometimes awkward engine limitations. From the modelling perspective the models themselves are akin to block models (and mostly representative than anything else), showing the outer hull, closed deck with boats in the waist and, deck gun emplacements and some smaller details, all other details and decorations painted on a texture (and it's hard to underestimate the power of a texture 🙂).




The game provides a number of rigging sets, so I (with some small exceptions) do not touch those.


And here is a small showcase:


colossus_side.thumb.png.29a5a34233ab2cae75ca47a7d213d813.png colossus_stern.png.ac98996c9d6359843ac69700261a824c.pngcolossus_deck.png.4e4b0e6b8b466498137785c8d0651927.png

A 74-gun ship (Colossus class)



A French 38-gun frigate


belle_poule_variants.thumb.png.15539643f472e93880dd9e3d1b25f93a.png belle_poule_variants1.png.c00f5f022a454292a7428944543216f7.png

The Belle Poule (as 12-pounder and slightly fictional 18-pounder variant - showing the possibilities of using different texture on a same hull for different ship configurations)



The 40-gun 24-pounder Liffey-class (modified Endymion)


Personally, they give me a unique glimpse seeing them sailing, firing, heeling under the wind, seeing them suddenly alive.


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Of course, I am going to release them at some point, but I am not sure when. They changed a lot since I started this (you can check here for the whole saga):



The top model is a frigate extracted from the game, the bottom - my first attempt to get something inside, and you can compare it to the Belle Poule wireframe in the post above. 🙂


There are some models that have to be covered before any release, namely at least a three-decker, a corvette and a brig, but then there are ships I just want to have sailing, so those priorities are kind of shifting here.


Additionally, I am thinking of a terrain generation tool for coastal scenarios. I verified the possibility of making custom maps - it requires a model of the terrain, separate model of underwater terrain, and collision map - but have yet not found a reliable way to do it more or less automatically.


And there is a kind of scenario generator as a set of tables for dice rolls.

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35 minutes ago, SardonicMeow said:

Was all this work done in Blender? 


Yes and no :)

The models are being done in Blender indeed, but most of the pictures are taken from the game engine, which includes the rigging configuration.

The red line in the background actually marks that the screenshot was taken in scenario editor.

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54 minutes ago, BANYAN said:

realistic algorithm or two to control ship behaviour and damage inflicted/received


This game offers working - and very time consuming - tacking, and as to damage, I have tweaked that to more or less realistic values (here) and that can be refined even more.


Not that there are very much alternatives in the genre. I couldn't, unfortunately, make a new engine all by myself, so the ship collection is as far as I look for the moment, but you never know what can turn up.

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I am absolutely exhausted - this ship ate my mind for almost half a year - to present the completed Christian VII:





It wouldn't even be possible without the fortunate high-resolution drawings being available at the Danish archive and a photo of a contemporary model provided by @malachy (and tons, literally tons of other reference materials I scavenged everywhere I could, really), since the stern is hellishly unusually built, but... here she is.


It's the most complex model I did for now, and I am very delighted that at around 8k triangles the game can still handle her.

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Made a small adjustment to the roundhouse of Christian VII to denote the border between the poop deck and upper quarter galleries that actually form a single structure and covered with bulwarks from outside. It's not really final form, but seems closer to original than simple deck covering from board to board.



Blows my mind each time I look at it.


And two shots under sail:



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Nice work Martes.

Seeing your work, I recall that a few years ago, I was very obsessed with 3D modeling and game engine, especially the following real-time naval game scenarios.


Some screenshots from game, very gorgeous scenes...



I used to use Unity or UE4 engines to simulate the 18th century frigate naval battles.However, many aspects beyond my ability, especially C language and dynamic seawater (sea water plus special effects), need professional learning, so I can only give up later, now I focus on 3D modeling and CNC programming and processing, because for me, making naval games seems to be a dream, but 3D modeling and CNC programming / processing seems more realistic.






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Outfitting the HMS Cambridge (1815):


cambridge_2.png.277cc76de853469fa0a863e12a569807.png cambridge_3.png.9beb6844739f3e3e7c08feea5dd0ee4b.png



An 80-gun ship that was very closely based on the Christian VII it's usually considered a copy, but there was a substantial number of changes that required to remake the model almost from scratch - circular bow, raised head, an attempt to make more traditional, but narrowed stern (which ended up probably even more awkward than the original ), and straightened sheer of the decks. In addition to false keel, the ship was designed for slightly deeper drought, and that required corrections to entry fore and aft, and a little raised tumblehome curve.

The result is characteristic Victorian ship, representative of the Royal Navy up to the age of ironclads.

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As the Prince Regent gave me an irresistible Victorian streak, I present the HMS Pique (1834):



pique_1_2.png.de4d2cc7c1105317e1d767338bce476d.png pique_1_1.png.7497bfced9a61d4e4d31e9ec7e2afa93.png pique_1_3.thumb.png.8976b66b4faf3225603e58db04872df6.png

pique_1_4.thumb.png.28a1d8a07fcc2b53842bf68015d4c037.png pique_1_6.thumb.png.40602ec1a4287945e7c3faf140095698.png


A very original and some would say controversial ship, but I tend to find a peculiar beauty in all the works of Sir William Symonds. Sleek, powerful, and as if painted in broad strokes, this ship is strikingly different from earlier frigates of similar size, futuristic and alien. Note the elliptic stern that disguises itself as conventional, yet is anything but.


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And a minor update for the 74-gun ship model:


shot0000_44_.png.21c97a7fd3c7c8098307a0d360c600c0.png shot0001_31_.png.533203dcee4e9a04c776e21ced6460d8.png

Doors and decorations on the beakhead



Fixed the stern decoration rails (there was a small offset between side and stern texture, and that's gone), transom curve and hull curve under the forecastle


It should be noted, though, the model is still done to older standard and will be eventually rebuilt, but, I guess, visually it will be very hard to notice.

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