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Dauntless SBD 5 by Jack12477 - FINISHED - Matchbox PK-503 - 1:32 scale - Plastic

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I decided to take a break from ship models and whittle down my stash of kits.  Chose the PK-503 Dauntless SBD 5  Matchbox kit in 1:32 scale.  This model kit was produced by Matchbox from 1977 to 1981.  Not sure when I acquired it but the price tag on the box lists KayBee Toy and Hobby stores, price $12.99 on sale (probably clearance) for $3.00.  KayBee went out of business entirely in 2007, bought out by Toys-R-Us. Their local store closed some 10-15 years prior.


The aircraft model has functioning perforated Split-dive flaps, moveable tail rudder and propeller, a 1,000 pound bomb payload,  Wright Cyclone GR-1820-66 radial engine.  Kit is 3 color plastic (blue grey, white, and clear), offers a choice of models VMSB-231 South Pacific 1944 USA, A-24B French AF 1944, and #25 D B Squadron, New Zealand AF South Pacific 1944. I chose to model VMSB-231 Marine Bombing Squadron Scout flown by Capt Bell, credited for 23 operational missions and wears the "Ace of Spades" insignia.


I used  a combination of Valejjo and LifeColor paints. The outer hull of the aircraft was airbrushed with LifeColor Navy Blue.


Photos follow:





Assembly starts





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So now we know where you have been hiding Jack.


Turn our back for a few minutes and you are not only building a new model but you are finished with it!:D


The dauntless was one of my first endeavors into model aircraft as a kid. It was the old 1.48th Monogram 1/48th series and had folding landing gear and bomb release along with movable dive brakes. Of course at that age I built it and then played with it as well. Probably even made aircraft engine noises while building it. At any rate it has been one of my favorite aircraft ever since and it is nice seeing yours. 


I especially like the extra weathering between the cowl and the cockpit. Looks very realistic for a plane heavily used from carriers and island runways, hopping across the Pacific, island to island.





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2 hours ago, lmagna said:

Turn our back for a few minutes and you are not only building a new model but you are finished with it!:D

Yes, Lou, I do occasionally operate in Stealth mode ! ;)  See F19 Stealth Fighter

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spoke too soon......didn't I?!?!?!  :D   nicely done!   I like the weathering too........'battle tested' ;)  

I yam wot I yam!

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Looks super, Jack.   I recall doing a Daughtless way back when but mine looked factory fresh.   Your's looks like it's had a few flight hours on it.

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I remember building the Monogram Dauntless way back when. It, along with a lot of other planes, went ? after I went into the AF. Yours looks very good, Jack.


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Very nice job  - looks a propper solid workman like plane.



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