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Greetings from Bavaria

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I am the new to the forum (and the hobby) and wanted to introduce myself briefly. I came to ship modelling because I love the age of sail and large sailing vessels. I'm generally interested in the history as well as the working of large sailing vessels. It started with the novels of Patrick O'Brian, which led over to Forresters' and Popes' novel. In order to get a better understanding of the work on the ship I bought 'The young sea officers sheet ancho' and 'The Art of Rigging'. After that, I was still not able to completely understand how things worked. So I figured, when building it myself I'm probably foster my understanding. And here I am. I am Phd student at the Technical university of Munich working in the field of forestry. During day time I spend my time playing with statistics and try to make sense to figures and numbers others have measured. In my spare time I train my own dogs in FCI obedience on a competition level and dogs of others in general good behavior and obedience. I have a little hobby shop in my basement. Amongst hand tools I am a proud owner of a Bosch professional table saw as well as some other electrical tools like router, mill press and dremel miller. After reading in this very interesting forum, I ordered the Endeavour longboat from AL. I'll start the building log as soon as I have some pictures ready. I'm currently doing the first planking and we'll see how that goes.


Anyway, thank you for this site and probably for future useful comments.


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Hi horschtl   i myself built the long boat   and for a first timer i found it to be a good kit  not to difficult to do ,and if you have the latest version of the kit with the dvd  it should be a pleasant build , but beware of glue spill on the inside of your planks  it can be seen on the finished model .also the ribs are exposed  so the plywood edges are visible   you should have more of the thin second planks than you need  so you could lay some of these on the surface for a nicer finish ( i didnt  but wished i had ,but i covered all the other surfaces of the ply . it just looks better)  one other thing the thread for rigging is a little furry,  rigging thread from caldercraft is lot better ,any way enjoy your build   ( my  current build is ALs marie jeanne  and the instructions for it are an absolute joke)  

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Gidday Horst and another warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

You will find the members on this site possess great expertise and knowledge on our shared pastime. 

If you get the opportunity, search through some build logs on your build or planned future builds.

Ask questions when you become frustrated or unsure of a step in your build.

I wish you all the best in your build.


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Welcome Horst. I was stationed in Germany in the early seventies. Germany/Bavaria have some awesome undisturbed forests. I have found over the years this hobby can be all consuming. Have you thought of scratch build? With your knowledge of woods and growing working skills this may be a way to go.

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On 4/6/2019 at 12:57 AM, mtaylor said:

Another one that does well is zu Mondfeld's Historical Ship Models.  

Sehr gutes buch! Gibts auf Deutch und ist erheblich billiger als die englische version. Ich habe es auf deutch.


Welcome on board Hoerst



Ps German title:Historische Schiffsmodelle: Das Handbuch für Modellbauer

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thank you all for the warm welcome.


Thank you for your tip with the visibility of the first layer of planks from the inside. I wouldn't thought of that in a million years, although, after you said it, it seems quite obvious .



Your book suggestion sound interesting from what I can gather from the table of content. It's even available as new book from German Amazon.


Messis, thank you for your suggestion. I've read about this book several times in the forum and will get it soon. But I will get the english version, because most of the books are written in english and I will try to learn the english vocabulary of seamanship. As a start I bought the 'Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea' and as a small introduction to modelling 'Period Ship Kit Builder's Manual'.



We'll, if I have fun with the whole modelling in the longrun, I will think about it in the future. I always wanted my own mill and lathe ;-). But till then I will stick to kits.


Cheers Horst


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