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Cant Z.501 by RGL - 1/72 Suspended


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I haven’t built a plastic aircraft since about 1980, which matches when this kit was a re-box of a 1972 mold. 




It’s not that easy to find at a reasonable price (it cost about $30 with postage) plus a bit of PE as I can’t help myself as usual. 5BAFF98A-AF86-4E69-8AE1-BD043669F94C.thumb.jpeg.5a2656fdc37ac019bc921bd1c99183cb.jpeg

its going to be nice to build something a bit bigger than usual scale and compared to HMAS Vendetta a bit less fat fingers I hope. 0E267F68-D440-43F4-A126-B3CE17F6BA45.thumb.jpeg.01def3c1a6714791abedbc062c586feb.jpeg

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I know how it feels.......I have the Lindberg "legends of the sky" kit of a P-47B thunderbolt vs  an HE-111 German Bomber, 1:72 scale...I got it from a yard sale.  I started it and found that the Thunderbolt is missing the

canopy.  god knows where I'm gonna find one for it :blink:   I hope you have good luck.

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Hey, Greg. I just came across this thread. I had this kit back in the day, sans PE upgrades. Never got around to building it. I just saw a video about this aircraft a few weeks ago. The narrator mentioned that this aircraft had an unfortunate tendency to fling its cockpit crew forward into the spinning prop upon hard landings -- not a trait that endeared it much to its crews.

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