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Dust port - hoover connector

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I have a nice Byrnes table saw but have not managed to find (yet) a connector that will allow my festool dust extractor (CTM) 35mmh to connect efficiently to the U.S dust port.  (38mm interior hole?). So the hoover is loose and thus with a gap the air pressure is lessened so loosening the effectiveness.


In the past I have used masking tape etc to try to seal it better and have also tried some uni-size adapters which have universally failed to work so far.


So this is just to see if anyone knows of a decent connector I can look to purchase that will make a better join/seal..

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Lots of good options in the above posts. For some reason, "Murphy's Law," perhaps, the shop vac hoses never fit the connectors you want to attach them to. It doesn't matter which or how. My Byrnes tools owrk great with a piece of plastic pipe connector fitting sanded down a slight bit on the outside lip. That just happened to be luck. As with many other such problems, duct tape is a quick and effective, if inelegant, solution.


File this one under "there oughta be a law" that all vacuum hoses must be of standardized sizes suitable for use with standardized adapters, both metric and Imperial.j 

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For a simple and inexpensive solution to this problem that will work with any size or shape of connection, try this.


    It consists of two scrap pieces of softwood with a hole for the hose in one piece and another piece with a hole sized for the tool.  Once cut, you simply glue them together as shown.  Now all you need to do is slip the fitting over the tool port and then insert your hose into the other.



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