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Autoblinda AB40 Ferroviaria by Baker Italeri 1/72 FINISHED

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Welcome on the build of an Italian WW2 armoured car.


General info ( wikipedia)   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autoblindo_Fiat-Ansaldo


I started this build a while ago. Then I came to the conclusion that according to wikipedia the AB 40 ferroviaria (fv in the future) would not have existed. Only the improved AB41 would have been converted to the fv.
Italeri error ?? No, after a lot of searching, the wrong information turned out to be on Wikipedia. So good work from Italeri !!


Box, contents and plan





Building went without problems. Everything fits perfectly.


The horn has been drilled out



All this happened a few months ago. Then the build stalled (wikipedia's fault ;)) Now restarted and the basic color has been applied since today.

Current status on the photographic proof that this vehicle actually existed.



Edited by Baker
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no doubt Patrick.........I thumb through all the model kits out there {on different sites},  and I wonder to myself.........did some of these actually exist?!    it boggles the mind to find out that it actually did.  it is interesting that armor and aircraft kits are more apt to cover lesser know subjects,  than say......model ships.   the practice of converting vehicles into rail cars {even self propelled is known by some,  but rarely covered.   good find 'n look'in good :) 

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Dry brushing with grey



Added some extra detail.


These served to operate the boxes (filled with sand) from inside the vehicle. This sand fell on the rails and provided better grip on the wheels in an emergency.



Painted the wheels and other extras. 





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As i have zero combat experience, i can only agree with you both.

My only experience is a one NATO exercise in Germany ( sept. 1983) and 2 weeks in camp vogelsang (in winter, brrrr cold 🥶)


Continue with the Autoblinda (google translate translates "car blind" haha)


The rail from the kit has already been used elsewhere. This one comes from the part box
The base : wooden plate, plaster and the rail. The rail is pushed in the plaster.



Painted dark grey



Model and base painted and added some rust



Dry brushed with sand.



Next post is finishing the model

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Nice job on the track section. Looks good. One item to add additional realism would be to dribble a faint black line of grease and oil approximately in the middle of the track.


Yes, that area in winter can be brutally cold. I lived in Bitburg, Germany, for 3 years. Up in the Eifel.

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After all these Bitburgers. Time for finishing the model.


A wash with diluted matte black (matte black, 50% water, 50% ipa) And some pencil here and there.






Numbered and registered.
Italian number 37
total number 1421



The Italian corner (almost full)



Thanks for following this build.


Next project : a US 6 ton "smoke tank" from 1924

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11 hours ago, Egilman said:

Nice Job Patrick, and the regiment get a little bit bigger...


Excellent work....

Thanks. The WW2 Italy corner is becoming a little overcrowded ;)

11 hours ago, Edwardkenway said:

Lovely work Patrick,  there's a few years work on those shelves by the looks of them:stunned:

Thanks.  I once built 60 of these models a year. 

8 hours ago, Old Collingwood said:

Excellent job  looks swell.




4 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

very well done........cool way of making the tracks!   quite a collection you have there........you log each one.....  do you sell them?


Not for sale. The unfortunate one who is going to inherit this. Will have a lot of work to pack and move all of this. 

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