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Hey Chris. I don’t know about the best but my favorites for the smaller 6” files are Grobet or Vallorbe . They’re PRICEY but imo they’re great. The grading system they use (or at least I’m familiar with for the files I have) goes from 0 or 00  (the most corse) and then 1, 2, 3 and 4 to progressively finer finishes. I originally ordered a 4 and it was too fine for initial wood (or metal) removal  but was usable for fine finishing.

By no means am I an expert and I’m sure others will offer better information.  Just google those brand names If you’re interested.  Stay Safe...Moab

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No perspective on the subject but the files in this link might serve.

But even with these, it is a bad idea  to hold the handle end,  file with the tip end, and apply downward force in the area in between - especially if the area under the downward force is not in contact with anything.  

Hard steel, that really holds a sharp edge does not like to bend.  It would rather break.

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I ordered this set from Otto Frei.    https://www.ottofrei.com/Glardon-Vallorbe-LA2442-2-Needle-File-Sets-of-6-5-1-2-14-cm-Medium


I am satisfied with the files and the service was excellent.  I highly recommend this company.


Here is a link to the main page of their files: https://www.ottofrei.com/jewelry-tools-equipment/bench-tools/files

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A jewelers' supply is a good source for files and other small hand tools.  And I find that wine corks make excellent handles. Small file tangs can be pushed in, while for larger files I drill a hole first and sometimes glue in a brass tube that accepts the tang.  Finally, avoid using the same file for both wood and metal.

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If these industrial supply houses have a physical presence where you live, Granger has a store here, they usually have a City Desk that deals with walk in customers.  They will order what they don’t have in stock.  You just don’t have a house account so it’s credit card or cash.



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