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So being a typical accountant I’ve got a collet stuck on a Proxxon drill spindle. Probably explains why I was rugby tackled to the ground by engineers in the office when I went to pick up anything mechanical. 

Any ideas both on removing it and how not to do it again?

Be gentle, remember my profession....


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Guessing because no picture


You may have used the wrong size collett for the bit you used and then overtightened the lock nut for the spindle.


You should be able to lock off the spindle to the proxxon and gently twist and pull the collett away with a pair of soft pliers. If you don't have soft pliers then use ordinary pliers but put something around the collect first so you do not mark or distort it, else it probably won't fit right again.


A gentle tap on the pliers with a mallet may also help.


Good luck

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2 hours ago, KBo said:

I’ve got a collet stuck on a Proxxon drill spindle.


1 hour ago, Bob Cleek said:

I'm not even able to visualize a "collet stuck on a drill spindle." A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Before you do anything at all, post a picture. Trust me, my grandfather was a blacksmith.



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Sorry. I'm still not seeing it. Is the post sticking up out of the top the collet? A wild guess is that one of the knurled rings twists one way and the other the opposite way and that allows the nut to be turned, but I'm guessing. I cant see what the assembly is all about from the photo. It looks like the knurled rings are pretty well galled up already. It looks like "somebody" went at it with a pipe wrench. :D  Somebody who's been there and done that with this unit will probably have the answer for you.

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The stub at the top of he photo is the end of the collet. I have had a go at trying to unscrew the collet nut with no luck. The collet nut is loose on the collet but I can’t get the collet off the flexible drive shaft. I think it’s FUBAR as our American friends say. 

Thanks for your ideas and have a better day! 

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Staing the obvious, it appears that the shaft was forced into an undersized collet. Possibly this is not the case and something damaged the correct collet once in place (think of pliers, perhaps mole-grips, you get the idea).

Either way, if you do get the collet off, put it straight in the bin. It will never fly again. The collet chuck (nut) may be OK but don't count on it. Since th collet is doomed, soak it in WD40 or or some penetrating oil and then use whatever tools you have to coax it off. The priority is to do no harm to the shaft.



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Strange looking collet..  


With no more information I would think it is upside down..


The collets I am familiar with look like this:




The collet and retainer appear to be upside down.


Looking at the manual I'm even more convinced..




If you continue un-screwing, the whole thing should come off if you can find some way to lock the shaft..




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My two cents worth:


You have said that the stub at the top of the picture is the collet.  You have also said that the nut is loose.


Given these facts, it would seem that the flex tool shaft is jammed into the jaws of the collet.  Hopefully, there a hole clear through the collet.  If there is, clamp the nut in a vice.  If you have a set of drift pins, find one that fits into the hole and tap the flex tool shaft out.  A piece of steel or brass round bar stock would work just as well.  Even a bolt will work.  Just make sure that it is a sliding fit.


If there is no hole completely through the collet then I’m like your handle- No Idea.



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Well I cut the nut off and after a bit of effort I got the collet off the flexible drive shaft.  New nut ordered!

Back on Brig Speedy tomorrow. 


Thank you for your ideas. Really appreciated. I find this forum an absolutely amazing place. 

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