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Jolie Brise Pilot Cutter 1913 by greatgalleons - FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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so for the sails I never use the cheese cloth the kits provide. I purchased some light weight off white material at hobby lobby

I use for all my builds.   The Jolie Brise has a faded reddish set of sails so I used burgundy and brown food coloring with tea stain solution to stain the sails I sewed for this kit.   I modified the length for the large spanker sail to fit to compensate for the addition of the coach roof.   One little change in the kit will make a difference to other areas of interest.








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Great job on the model.  I have had this kit for near on 15 years and I am just now getting to finish her.  I am using your craftsmanship as a guide.  Can you provide some advise or resources on making the sails?  I would be interested in hearing how you add the bolt ropes and how you simulated the seams for the sail panels.  Any help you could give would be appreciated.





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1 hour ago, John Mac said:

Just bought the Jolie Brise kit. 

Hello John, welcome to MSW.

Hope to see a build log for your Jolie Brise, it is a good subject with a long history and still afloat.  Why not post a few words in the New Members Introduction thread?



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