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Echo Cross Section by Rusty 1:48

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I'm with everyone else in thanking you for reposting Rusty. I'm one of those that learn my watching someone do something or seeing photos of the steps taken to reach an end. Having your log back up will be a very big help as I move forward with my Echo. I appreciate you taking the time to find the photos and upload them again.



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My pleasure everyone! Others pictures always helped me so I'm just repaying the favor.

I have parts of frames made but construction is on hold for a week or two. I want to get my

Triton to a certain point before I switch back over. Also I have some prep work on something else too!


See ya soon. :)

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Hi all,


Still plugging away here. So far I’ve completed the first seven frames and I’m

working on the eighth (3 aft).


Here a couple of frames set in place just to see them there.




This one has a top timber that really has a curve to it.




Here is another top timber with a much more subtle shift. Greg recommended

aliening it on the plans as shown. It really helped with getting the shift right.

Only had to throw around three away.




Here is a frame being assembled. I placed handi wrap over the first plans so

the glue wouldn't stick to the plans.




Once I get all of the frames completed I’ll then start to raise them.




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Thank you all.


Well I'm really only working on 2 right now. You know the Bomb Vessel is only in the "set up" stage. :D :P  ;)  


With this type of build it's not too hard to do. I have enough room for all three although at 1:24 the

bomb vessel is pushing it. Like last night I worked on the Triton deck beams after assembling part of

the frames for the Echo and they were drying. Then I'll add some chocks let them dry and work on the

deck beams again. So switching back and forth is not bad.


Also they each are so different it's easy to remember where I'm at.


Now if I could only remember where my work shop is I’d be all set! :o 


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Great job Rusty. if I may make a suggestion - make a port template out of scrap wood. Use that blank of wood as a guide when raising the cast frame 3 aft. It is very important to get the spacing between the toptimbers 2 fore and 3 aft exactly correct and this spacer really helps.

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But 3 builds at once..... :cheers:


Ooops.... 2 builds..............1 set-up

That's what keeps me out of trouble. Idle time tends to be bad for me. :o


Thanks Mario.


Greg. Great tip. They are always appreciated. :)

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