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I have used it for planking on my Syren as it is a nice yellow color - I try not to use paint on my models when wood will suffice. It is a nice hard wood that stays straight after milling, sands and machines well and has very little noticeable grain so it is perfect for a lot of applications in ship modeling - framing, fittings, planking, masts and yards etc... I get mine form Macbeath Hardwoods but I have a store 40 miles from me in SLC - it is a reasonably priced wood for an imported exotic.....



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You can also purchase Yellowheart through Jeff Hayes at Hobbymill (link on home page) and he can mill it to your exact dimensional requirements. Very reasonable prices, top quality material, and customer service second to none. No connection other than a very satisfied customer!

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I know there's some who have used it.  I found 5 possibilities when searching from the main page and most are in builds.  ;)


Here's two external links that should help in giving you an idea about this wood:


http://www.dlumberyard.com/wood.html - go to "wood samples"


I have a couple of pen blanks I bought as a test sample and so far they look good.

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Hi Rob, yellowheart is a generic name which generally refers to euxylophora parensis-the scientific name.  This species grows in Brazil and is also known as pau amarello.  The problem with generic names is that more than one specie can have the same name. 


Anyway, this yellowheart is easy to work, moderately hard, close grain, pore difuse and has a nice yellow color.  I have used it for small parts such as for capstans.  It machines well although I had some chip out at the corners so I rate it somewhat brittle.  Perhaps my supply was over cooked in the kiln. 


So, try it, you might like it.



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