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19' Racing Runabout by Rustyj - FINISHED - Chris-Craft - 1/8th Scale

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Hi All,

This is a reposting of the original build log. I know at the time I built it
some people were possibly going to do one too. Hopefully the pictures will
help. I know most of the text is gone but if you have any questions post them
here or pop me a PM.


Original Intro:

This model is way out of my comfort zone but I thought
what the heck. I liked the way it looks and thought it would be a fun
challenge. I’ll be using bondo and fiberglass which I have also never used. I
figure I’ll have myself covered in both in no time at all.

The 1949 Chris-Craft 19 ft. Racing Runabout is 1/8th scale
that is 28 inches long with a 9 inch beam. The wood framed hull is covered with
expanded pvc and then planked with mahogany veneer. This kit includes chrome
plated deck fittings and complete drive line hardware. You can build her as a
RC but I plan on building her as a static model.






Here are the pictures for the building of the first two frames.



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Grant and Sjors thanks for the return visit!


 Hi jarero and thanks, Dumas Products has some very nice Chris Craft models. Here is a link to their site.



Thanks for the link.  Those are amazing looking boats.  What is your opinion of the kit quality?  I think I will have to add this to my future build list!  If I'm lucky some day I might get to play with a full size one.

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Thanks Sjors, I think it’s because 2.0 is better!

Thanks Bedford, Grant and Jarero.


Here is the start of the staining. I used a red mahogany stain that I had instead of the supplied stain. No real reason  just liked the color.












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