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HMS Sophie in a Lightbulb by qwerty2008 - BOTTLE - Finished

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I have decided to build a Ship in a Lightbulb. I have rigged a base to light up using parts from a cheap LED flashlight. The base is an old light fixture. the LEDs push into the light socket which is wired to the flashlights battery pack and on/off button, I have also added a sheet of thin plywood stained with some redwood stain. Sadly during the process of making the base I broke the lightbulb there is still enough of the bulb left for me to be able to size and make the model but I cannot use it in the finished product because it has a large hole in the side, incandescent lightbulbs are hard to get in California but I think I can get a halogen that will work.

     I am thinking of making the HMS Sophie from Master and Commander by Patric O-Brian.










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Incandescents are hard to find? I have them lying around the house here. You can buy them for pennies apiece at the grocery store, hardware store, walmart etc. Interesting how things can be common in one place and rare as hen's teeth in another. I would ship you a few but they likely wouldn't arrive in much better condition than the one you already have....

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What type of bulb do you need? Shape and wattage, I have a stockpile of some clear incandescents I was saving for a rainy day and I'll see if I have anything that will help.  :)





They've practically outlawed incandescent lights down here in the States.  

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I started work on the ship which is going to be HMS Sophie from Master and Commander by Patric O-Brian. The hull is made from some fine grained softwood I had left over from a previous project, the bulwarks are made from card.

   The HMS Sophie changed paint schemes throughout the book so I chose the one that I could make with the paint that I had.













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I have not done much work on the Sophie but felt that I needed to post an update so you you guys don't think that I abandoned the project. Since my last post I did some work on the rigging and got a new lightbulb.

    I wont be working on the Shopie for a wile as I am making a SIB for a relative right now.




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I got some more work done on the Sophie. I prepped the new lightbulb and cut the threaded portion shorter so it would fit in the base with the LEDs behind it then I made the sea from non hardening modeling clay. I made the sails from paper then painted them white a slightly off white color. I still need to add some finishing touches then I will bottle it.







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