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HMS Victory by Ensign - FINISHED - Caldercraft - Scale 1:72

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Hi all,

Having joined MSW a year or so back back I thouht it was time I started a build log. I am 6 weeks into my build of Victory and enjoying every minute.

I shall post some photos soon but first they need to be adjusted as the file sizes are way too large.



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OK photos resized.



Bulkheads, middle gun deck and dummy gun barrel strips assembled and glued. The middle gun deck was planked prior to assembly as this seemed an easier way to do it.






Middle Gun deck planked. Four step Butt planking as per Longridge and the actual ship.






Start of first planking, after fairing the bulkheads.





















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Hi D'Brat


Thank you so much for your praise. I can assure you I had my problems at times, easy it ain't. Every plank was "nailed" to every bulkhead with brass pins left protruding about 3mm. I applied glue and positioned the planks on the bulkheads and then drilled holes slightly smaller than the pin diameter through the planks and bulkheads creating a nice tight press fit. The pins were then removed after the glue had set overnight. The glue I use is Titebond I didn't use any super glue on the planking. Planks were tapered and spiled where necessary and then steam bent to shape using an old style aluminum kettle with a spout I picked up at a camping store.

I started by laying the first couple of planks just under the gunport strips then I laid the garboard plank and worked my way back up. I find this gives a better result, for me anyway.

Although I've built models most of my life I am only fairly new to wooden ship building so still have lots to learn.




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Thank you Glenn, Brian & Grant your praise is very encouraging indeed.


Brian, thanks for your suggestion it's nice to know someone thinks enough of my work to make a comment like that. I shall check out the society online. Is some of your work featured there?



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Hello Gary

Excellent progress. The breaching rings?? Glenn is spot on, use CMB 83506 for them . I dumped all my part 502 and used CMB83506 instead. When you next order any thing from CMB order some 2.5mm dead eyes for spares as you will most likely lose a few when fitting them . Keep enjoying it. DAVID

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A little more progress to report. The wales have been added and the water line is marked. The lower (main) wale has been laid in Anchor Stock planking as per Longridge who states that First Rate ships had the Main Wale in Anchor Stock planking as this was the strongest type of planking to use.





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