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I have purchased from a UK company some drill bits of various sizes.

This morning I went to use a 1.1mm drill bit on annealed brass.

I did not check the bit as it was new out of its container.

Put it in the drill and rubbish. Thought no more of it and replaced it with another new one.

Same not cutting at all. Just skidding.

I had a look under a X400 microscope.

There was no tip. Had been ground but totally wrong.

Checked all the drill bits one by one and all were sharpened differently. Only one had a correct edge :(


Contacted the company and talked to custamer services and just not interested telling me it's me. LOL.

Being a Toolmaker and engineer most of my life I know what's right and wrong.

They did not even want me to return the bits... And no replacement or refund.


No I am not going to name the company but I have made a complant to trading standards UK.


So... Buying drill bits beware.


Regards Antony.

.... I feel better already for voicing it :)

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I have also noted a decrease in quality of drill bits over the last couple of years. I buy mine in packets of 10. A recent packet of 0.5mm bits all had the tips ground looking like a ridged roof. I have also had bits where the tip has been ground off centre which result in over size holes.


I put it down to the "economic climate" where rejects that would once not get through are now being fobbed off on model makers.

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I think we can all appreciate the problem you are having with the company that supplied those drills. Most retail stores here in the US have a standing policy that they will refund or replace items that are not satisfactory or defective. It may even be a law here.


About two minutes after I read your post, Anthony, I had a telephone call from Floyd Warner in Utah. He apologized that he could not fill my order of wooden blocks right away because he ran out of the 4mm double blocks that are part of the order and needs to make some more.

My point is that here is a guy that really appreciates his customers and tries his best to satisfy them. Do you think I will order more blocks from him in the future? Besides his blocks are much better than those square monsters that come in most kits, etc.

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Just for the heck of it, I happen to brake a drill (some day in the past) but continued drilling holes in wood with the stub that was still there. The holes were ok for what I wanted. But . . .


I would not do this drilling any kind of metal. That is when a sharp drill (and a bit of lube) is necessary.

PS. have you ever 'drilled' a hole in wood and have that turn into a black smoke? Especially with a high speed like tool?


It is probably because of the same problems Anthony had.

Buy cheap, work cheap.

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I think the problem that Anthony has highlighted is a UK supply issue. I have had defective bits from several outlets over the last couple of years. This included boxed sets and packets of same size small bits. I suspect they all came from the same source. I don't know about Anthony's supplier but the bits that I bought were certainly not cheap.

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I generally don't buy cheap drill bits or even sets for that matter unless they are on special offer. In the past I've bought the sizes I needed at the time and from reputable suppliers, normally companies like Buck and Hickman. Surprisingly to many maybe, but it's normally cheaper to buy from a local engineering supply house if you have one than from a DIY store. The one notable exception I made was many years ago when I took the chance on a cheap set of number drills at a very good price at a model engineering show. They turned out to be made in India but I've not had any quality issues with them at all and still use them now. Having said all that I do keep a "rough" set of drills for non critical work!

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